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Kids' School Uniforms

Whether you're preparing them to walk into kindergarten for the first time or they're returning for another school year, you'll find the best school uniforms for your kids at Kohl's. School uniforms are increasingly popular, with many schools switching over to required uniforms. Kohl's can help with our wide selection of uniforms for boys and girls. Browse our kid's school uniforms and find affordable options that help your child look their best.

From simplifying your kiddo's morning routine to promoting school spirit, school uniforms come with an array of advantages for children and parents. Are you curious about the additional benefits of school uniforms? Read on to learn more.

What are the Benefits of School Uniforms?

  • School Uniforms Generally Cost Less Than Traditional Children's Clothing

    In general, school uniforms can be worn for an entire year or two. Therefore, parents don't need to spend money on new clothes every semester or deal with picky children who prefer certain styles or expensive brands. Some branded jeans may cost upwards of $50. But for the same price, you can purchase any combination of school polos, pants, jumpers, and skirts. If you're looking for inexpensive school uniforms for your kiddos, take a look at our wide selection by price:

Under $10

$10 to $25

$25 to $50

  • Uniforms Provide a Safer School Environment

    Most schools have a unique uniform, which helps them keep better track of all of their students. School uniforms make it much simpler for the school to identify their students. If there is an individual in school who isn't wearing one, it becomes easier to pinpoint someone who might not belong there. This also prevents students from creating cliques by wearing certain colors or articles of clothing.

  • School Uniforms Cultivate Equality

    In an era of status brands and high-fashion trends, clothing is one of the most common reasons for bullying amongst children. Wearing the same uniform reduces the chances of children being teased or discriminated against. You can break down social and cultural walls, making it easier for children to interact with each other.

  • Uniforms Create a More Productive Learning Environment

    Generally speaking, meeting a school dress code requires a certain level of discipline from the student. Practicing discipline can easily be applied to other areas of life including more focus on studies, building genuine friendships, and completing various tasks outside of school. When students aren't focused on becoming popular because of their fashion or accessories, students can focus more on learning their courses and retaining information.

  • Increased Self-confidence and Better Preparation for the "Real World"

    Being a student is a child's job, and that means dressing for success. A school uniform prepares them for their future jobs where they will likely have to adhere to work-related dress codes. This also means that much like an employee who looks forward to casual Fridays, kids have the privilege to dress down from time to time.

  • Creative Self Expression

    Despite the belief that uniforms and dress codes stifle individual creativity, you'll find that they provide other ways for them to express their creativity outside of their physical appearance. This may include expressing themselves through the arts, academics, sports, or extra-curricular school activities.

School Uniform Styles

If your school requires plaid jumpers or dresses, Kohl's has you covered with girls' school uniform dresses. Our uniform dresses come in a range of brands and styles, so your little one can follow the dress code while creating their own individual flair with belts, buckles and fancy pleating. Chaps kids school uniforms have some of our more formal pieces, with a variety of collared shirts and structured blouses. Chaps also have options outside the classic white, black and navy, so your kids can switch up their style with a pop of color. No wardrobe is complete without some khaki, and you can peruse our khaki school uniforms, for both boys and girls, with ease.

Shop Kohl's for all your kids' school uniform needs, and find that perfect wardrobe item for any student's look. And if you're looking to add to their weekend attire or if your child's school doesn't require school uniforms, be sure to check out our wide selection of kids' clothing for their back-to-school essentials. Make clothes shopping easy this year with school uniforms from Kohl's!