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Shimmer & Shine Toys and Clothing

Make it Shimmer and Shine at Kohl?s! Have your bedazzling wishes granted with Shimmer and Shine products! Fantastical adventures with your favorite genies await you from the starry skies to Kohl?s! When gift-giving calls, head to Kohl?s to find the perfect item from your friends at Zahramay Falls! Kohl?s is the ultimate destination for all your Shimmer and Shine needs.

Things are always better when two genies work together! Give a little sparkle with Shimmer and Shine?s assortment of Kohl?s items to surprise your little gem with these glitter friends! Kohl?s is the place to find Shimmer and Shine products from toys to clothes and everything in between! Give the gift of magic, adventure and imagination with Shimmer and Shine at Kohl?s!

Right out of the bottle and into Kohl?s! Be a gem and become Shimmer and Shine genie divine with sweet and sparkly products to bring Zahramay magic to you, your family and your home!