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Are you looking for a way to protect your furniture from smudges, stains, and scrapes? Do you have a shedding pet and that nice couch that you don't want to get full of pet hair? Maybe you're just looking to mix up the color scheme of your living room. Whichever one it is, you need your furniture covered. Luckily, checking out Kohl's selection of slipcovers could be just what you're looking for! If you're unaware of what a slipcover is exactly, it's a fitted protective cover for your furniture. Slipcovers come in a wide array of different colors and styles, making the process of updating the vibe of a room simple! This is usually for living room furniture, such as couches, sofas, loveseats, and chairs. Not sure exactly what you need? Read below to see what slipcover is sure to fit your needs - and your furniture!

Finding a Slipcover That Fits Your Furniture

A common question that comes up is "how do I find a slipcover that fits my specific furniture?" First things first, you'll want to measure your piece of furniture to find out the dimensions you're working around. You'll want to measure both the length and the width. Don't put away the tape measure just yet, because you'll want to measure the individual cushions as well, if applicable. This is because you'll want to know the length of the space between the arms of your furniture to ensure a better fit when it's time to pick out a slipcover.

Once you have the dimensions, our array of slipcovers typically come in various fits, so just find the one closest to your piece of furniture's dimensions! If you can't find one with the exact dimensions needed, be sure to pick one that's larger instead of one that is smaller so you can at least tuck it in if needed. Now that you know how to find the fit you need, it's time to look at what the different types of slipcovers you can browse!

One-piece slipcovers work best for furniture with attached cushions. The slipcover fits over the entire piece of furniture.

Two-piece slipcovers work best for furniture with non-attached cushions. They cover your furniture and cushions separately.

Cotton blends, cotton duck and twill deliver comfortable, casual style.

Microsuede and stretch fabrics provide a seamless look. They also work best for larger cushions and oversized arms, as they have more give.

Types of Slipcovers

There are various pieces of furniture that slipcovers are made for, such as couches, loveseats, chairs, and recliners. They also typically come in multiple patterns and colors!

You can also look at our slipcover collections, typically coming with matching sofa, loveseat, and chair slipcovers to keep your living room's look consistent! Some slipcover collections even come with the option of an ottoman cover, giving you a multitude of possibilities for your living area!

Pet Slipcovers

Do you have a pet who seems to just love a certain piece of furniture in your home? Does that certain piece of furniture happen to be one that you want to keep in pristine condition? Well fear not, because Kohl's offers an excellent selection of slipcovers that are specifically designed for pet owners. These covers are typically plush, making them extra soft and resistant to pet hair and stains. Take a look at this Plush Furniture Cover, available in couch, loveseat, and chair size variants! These covers are made from polyester, making them soft to the touch while also giving them the durability you need.

Sofas, Loveseats & Chair Sizes

Seat cushions come in two shapes—box or "T" styles. The shape of your seat cushions determines the type of slipcover you'll need.

Box cushion styles

Furniture TypeOverall LengthCushion WidthBody WidthContour Length
Sofa slipcover74" - 96"72"168"64"
Loveseat slipcover58" - 73"50"140"64"
Chair slipcover32" - 43"24"116"64"

T-cushion styles

Furniture TypeOverall LengthCushion WidthBody WidthContour Length
Sofa slipcover74"-96"84"168"64"
Loveseat slipcover58"-73"65"140"64"
Chair Slipcover32"-43"35"116"64"

Types of Recliners

Large-size recliners with right-side handles, continuous footrests and extra-wide seats measure up to 88" around the back of the chair.

Straight-arm recliners with right-side handles and continuous footrests measure up to 82" around the back of the chair. Fits Strato-lounger, La-Z-Boy® and Lane® chairs.

Regular slipcovers fit wingback chairs up to 29"W x 42"H.

Stretch slipcovers fit wingback chairs up to 32"W x 45"H.

Slipcover Tips & Tricks

No Tucking Area

If your sofa doesn't have creases in between the sofa arm and the back cushions, simply make neat pleats, and tuck all excess fabric under the seat cushions.

Skinny Arms

If your sofa's arms are thin, wrap them in batting, then cover with the slipcover.

Leather Furniture

Lay down a nonskid rug pad to reduce slipping and sliding.


Use a wooden spoon or spatula to help tuck in excess fabric. To keep it tucked in, roll up some old magazines with a rubber band and push them into the crevices.


Throw the slipcover in your dryer on a low setting with a damp towel for a few minutes. Put the slipcover back on your furniture while it's still warm to keep wrinkles from reappearing.

Dark colors, bold patterns & piping

Add a light-colored sheet between bold patterns and a light-colored slipcover to prevent the pattern from showing through. If you have bulky piping, you can add batting to keep the surface flat and even.