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Small Space Furniture

When you’re looking to furnish an apartment, dorm room, or any small living space, be sure to check out the wide range of furniture from Kohl’s, and get ready to find everything you need to build a space you’re sure to love! From living room essentials to kitchen must-haves, Kohl’s offers all the furniture options that are designed to fit easily into your small spaces.

So get ready to see a big difference in your small living space with brand new furniture from Kohl’s!

What Furniture is Best for a Small Living Space?

Being able to find the right furniture for your cozy living quarters can be tricky. On one hand, you want pieces that provide function in your home, just the same as furniture does in a bigger abode. But you also want furniture that doesn’t take up too much space, making your rooms feel smaller and more cramped.

So here are some furniture styles to look for when looking to furnish your small living space - ones that provide style, function, and provide an effective use of space!

  • Kitchen Furniture

In the kitchen, saving space can really make a difference. You’ll want to be able to move freely in the space, as well as have the ability to offer a table for you and your family or friends to sit at when enjoying a meal you’ve whipped up!

To achieve both these goals, look for a drop leaf dining table for your kitchen. The convertible design allows the table to extend when having guests for dinner, but quickly folds down to a smaller size when you’re relaxing at home alone. And when the table is not in use for dining, it can also double as a convenient kitchen prep space, which is especially handy if countertop space is at a premium.

For seating options, use stackable or folding chairs that can easily be stored when not in use, taking up minimal space when packed away.

  • Living Room Furniture

Furniture in your living room can quickly add up, making your space feel small and uninviting. So which options can instead provide a welcoming ambience that makes effective use of space?

The trick here is to find multi-functional pieces that perform several duties. For example, an ottoman with built-in storage is a perfect choice for a small living room. It can be used as an ottoman itself, allowing you and your guests to kick up their feet, all the while storing blankets and other items away with ease. There are also coffee tables that offer built-in storage drawers and spaces that can hold things like books, remote controls, and coasters, removing clutter and tidying up your living room.

For seating options, low-profile chairs and sofas are key. These items feature a minimalist design that offers comfort without the excess bulk found in some traditional seating pieces. For even more functionality, look for a sleeper sofa that can double as a guest bed. And here’s another quick living room lifehack: sturdy stools can not only provide additional seating for friends and family - they can easily be used as a side table that sits right next to your sofa or loveseat!

  • Bedroom Furniture

The most important furniture item in your bedroom is, of course, the bed. In a small living space, you may not have the option of using a queen or king size bed. No matter which size you do go with, be sure to allow room to move around three sides of the bed. Consider placing your bed on risers, giving you more space under the bed to store things.

Within the space next to your bed, look for small nightstands or accent tables that can offer storage. Another way to take advantage of the space in the bedroom without adding more pieces of furniture is to mount shelves to the wall, and use them as a place to keep books, decor, and more.

Other Small Living Space Tips

  • Hang mirrors on the walls of any room. Mirrors help the space feel larger, and can work in conjunction with windows to really open up a room in your home.
  • Mount TVs, lamps, and shelves to walls. Placing these items directly onto the wall means that you won’t need a TV stand, accent table, or bookshelf to place in the floorplan.
  • When adding shelving units, pick ones that are open and reach higher. The openness of the shelves gives the illusion of a larger space, while the higher profile makes more use of the total area in your room.