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Steel-Toe Shoes

If you work in construction, manufacturing, or any number of occupations involving intense manual labor, you know that your feet are your livelihood. Keeping your feet safe and healthy is a top priority which is why it is essential to have a comfortable, durable pair of steel-toe shoes or boots. And when you shop Kohl’s, you’ll find exactly the right pair for you and the hard work you and your feet do every day when you’re on the job.

Steel-toe shoes have a solid reputation for living up to their purpose and offering sure protection for those whose feet are in harm’s way on a daily basis. Still, they have traditionally also earned somewhat of a reputation for not being as comfortable as their non-steel-toed counterparts. It’s not difficult to understand why this is the case. After all, shoe manufacturers are tasked with molding a hunk of steel and fitting it into the lining of something intended to bend and flex with the movement of our feet. It’s a difficult task to be sure. But with the passage of time has come increasingly advanced steel-toe shoe design that makes this kind of footwear far more comfortable than it was even just ten years ago.

Kohl’s understands, however, that even with the improved comfort of steel-toe shoes and boots, your feet can never be too comfortable. That said, there are ways to make your steel-toe footwear even more cozy.

Be Sure To Wear The Right Socks

Make sure that you pair your steel toe boots with the right socks. Ideally you should wear socks specifically designed to be worn with steel-toe boots. Note that because of the steel cap integrated into the toe area, some workers might experience discomfort when they are wearing steel toe boots at work.

Give Your Steel-Toe Boots or Shoes a Proper Breaking In

Properly breaking in your steel-toe boot goes a long way to ensure that you eliminate all forms of discomfort when wearing it. Breaking in involves wearing it several times at home before you actually wear it at work the whole day. Begin by wearing the boots for several minutes to one hour daily. Additionally, there are several other methods for breaking in your steel-toe boots or shoes that are just as effective, including:

Cold water treatment – This method, as the name suggests, involves cold water. Pour cold water into a Ziploc bag, seal the bag afterward then put it inside your boot or shoe. Place it in your freezer and let it stay there overnight.

The rationale behind this treatment is when the water transforms into ice, it expands, thereby stretching your boot along the process. After letting it stay there overnight, remove it from your freezer. Wait for the ice inside the boot to melt prior to finally removing it.

Hot Water Method – The whole process involves immersing your shoes or boots in a bucket containing warm water. Allow them to soak for approximately thirty minutes. This should saturate the shoe. Remove any excess water, let them dry overnight, and begin wearing footwear for around one hour.

Breaking in your steel-toe shoes or boots will not only make them more comfortable, it will give them that worn-in feel much sooner than allowing them to be broken in with time. And when you shop Kohl’s, you’ll find everything else you need to go with your steel-toe shoes or boots like work and safety jeans and other work clothing. And don’t forget to get the right socks to make your broken-in steel-toe boots or shoes feel like you’re wearing the most comfortable footwear in the world. Kohl’s has it all!

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