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Storage Furniture

Keep your home essentials organized and housed in their proper places with stylish and functional storage furniture from Kohl’s! No matter how much space you have, or which room you’re looking to add storage options to, we offer the ideal furniture you need to keep your living space tidy and well organized. Be sure to shop for all your furniture needs for any room in your home, and get ready to enhance your abode with ease!

Styles of Storage Furniture Options

There are multiple ways to add storage to your home, and plenty of furniture styles to choose from. Picking the right furniture depends on your personal preferences and the style you’re going for. It’s all up to you!

Cabinets provide secure storage for pretty much everything you can think of. No matter if you choose cabinets with doors or drawers, the items you put inside will remain in their place and decluttered. Cabinets are also versatile in that they easily fit into any room in the home - from the bathroom to the kitchen, any area can feature a cabinet.

Take a seat...and store your essentials all at the same time! Storage benches are the ultimate in style, function, and versatility. Not only do they offer a place to keep things like blankets, pillows, shoes, and more, they also offer a seating option for your friends and family.

To neatly store you reading materials and other items, add in a bookshelf or other type of shelving unit. Bookcases are perfectly created to hold books, displaying them with ease so you can easily select your next bestseller to peruse.

Other shelves to look for include free-standing wall shelves, cube shelving units, room-specific shelves for places like the kitchen or garage, and more.

Just like storage benches, ottomans and poufs offer dual functions. They can provide a place for you to kick up your feet and relax, as well as an interior that holds things like blankets or pillows.

For a storage option that takes up minimal space in your floor plan, try a console table. With a narrow profile, a console table easily snuggles up to a wall or the back of a couch, and many console tables have drawers for storage.

Other Storage Furniture Options

One room in the home that can lack storage space is the bathroom. And one way to alleviate that problem is to add a bathroom shelving unit. Specifically designed to fit in a small space around other bathroom structures, a bathroom shelving unit adds much-needed storage for items like towels, bottles of shampoo, hair brushes, and more.

Be on the lookout for rolling storage units as well, as these options can move around the house with ease, putting it in the right place exactly when you need it.

Storage furniture from Kohl’s adds organization to any room in your home, giving you the options you need to create a neat and tidy living space your whole family will love!