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Beautiful Storage Ottomans for Your Home

Storage ottomans are hands down one of the most practical pieces of furniture you can have in your home. Youll enjoy the benefits of having extra storage space to organize your essentials. Kohls has a wide selection of storage options available from many different brands including Home Basics, HomePop, and Lavish Home. Here, youll find all of the necessary home essentials to suit your style and design needs. Be sure to also peruse our line of home decor, furniture, and accessories to make your living space even more special!

Storage Ottomans Have a Multipurpose Design

As versatile as it is stylish, storage ottomans are a must-have in any room. But did you know that ottomans were designed for more than just storing items? Ottomans are a seat, a footrest, and a table all in one. You can easily store everything from remote controls and games to blankets and other clutter that you want hidden. With chic storage ottomans, storage is never boring.

Using Storage Ottomans as a Table

Opt for a storage ottoman thats a little lower than your sofa. This way you can use it as a coffee table when you have guests over. Simply utilize a metal or wooden tray to stabilize drinks when you place it on top of the ottoman. Youll love having the hidden storage to hold blankets, pillows, and various other items. When searching for a coffee table ottoman, look for options with a beautifully stitched exterior for extra pizzazz.

Using Storage Ottomans as a Footrest

The main purpose of an ottoman is a footrest. Theres nothing better than kicking back and relaxing after a long day. Not only can you use an ottoman as a footrest but its a superb choice when you need extra seating for entertaining guests. The padded fabric lid provides comfort while the versatile design allows it to transition into a footrest, storage or extra seating. Some ottomans even have casters on the bottom so that you can roll them around from room to room.

Pairing Storage Ottomans with Existing Furniture

Before adding an ottoman to the mix, take a look a good look at your furniture. Try to match the style of the ottoman to the style youve established in your room. For example, if your style is modern or contemporary, you may want a sleek leather ottoman. Alternatively, a traditional style might require something a little more casual that you can put in the center of the room. You can also consider the color and fabric of the ottoman if you want to create an accent piece.

Other Furniture Options to Entertain Guests in Style

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