Stride Rite Shoes

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Stride Rite Shoes

Outfit your young runner in the finest footwear anywhere: Kohl's selection of Stride Rite shoes for kids can meet the challenge of keeping up with the growing greatness of childhood. Stride Rite shoes for kids are eye-catching and full of personality, just like your child! Fret not, concerned parents: Stride Rite shoes are designed with consideration for each child's developing feet. This means they will keep your child exploring in comfort and support, all while looking good. Kohl's has all of the Stride Rite shoes a child could ask for, from baby's first shoe to athletic shoes, sneakers and sandals for toddlers and growing kids.

Stride Rite Baby Shoes

A baby's first pair of shoes is a big deal: finding footwear fit for the first year might seem like a challenge: far from it, because at Kohl's, supportive and developmentally appropriate Stride Rite baby shoes are easy to find. Be shoe-enough to get footwear that supplies supportive steps along her or his road to discovery. For all of the fantastic feats ahead, let Kohl's help pave the way with Stride Rite shoes for every season and reason!

Girl's Stride Rite Shoes

Whether she's decorating the sidewalk with chalk, strolling the beach with a bucket or happily hopping along the hallway, Stride Rite shoes has a match for your youngster. Carefully crafted with her growing feet in mind, Stride Rite shoes for girls are great for any active child chasing butterflies, running laps or simply exploring the world around her. Mix and match with Kohl's great selection of Toddler Clothing.

Boy's Stride Rite Shoes

Boy, oh boy, what a wonderful world: he'll see skies of blue and clouds of white while adventuring about in Stride Rite shoes for boys. Stride Rite shoes will support and comfort his growing feet for the bright blessed days through the dark sacred nights. Easy on and off with various velcro models along with stylish colors and patterns proves that with Stride Rite shoes for boys, you can have the best of both worlds. Bring his whole arsenal together with terrific ideas at Kohl's Toddler Clothing.

Stride Rite Athletic Shoes & Sneakers

Baby, they were born to run. It's never too early to provide comfort and support for an active lifestyle: get the baby in your life off and running with a pair of shoes, sneakers or booties for babies. Baby's feet will fit snug in our high-performance sneakers, featuring some of the top brands. Substance over style means the baby will take steps with confidence: equip that bouncing baby with supportive athletic shoes and sneakers from Stride Rite. Spice up her or his sporty ensemble with selections from Kohl's Toddler Clothing.

Stride Rite Sandals

Tired of sandals that are really just glorified slippers? Well, fret not, because Stride Rite sandals for boys and girls are constructed for genuine stability and support. With these sandals, your youngster can simply strap 'em on and run for the beach, trail or sidewalk with confidence. Breathable and flexible, Stride Rite sandals will keep his or her feet cool throughout the adventure, without sacrificing any performance. Complete the beach or trail wardrobe with a wide array of available digs at Kohl's Toddler Clothing.