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Sunglasses for the Whole Family

Want the perfect pair of sunglasses for any and every occasion? Set your sights on stylish, high-quality shades that won’t break the bank. Shop Kohl’s to find all the sunglasses your family needs for fun in the sun! Browse between different styles, lenses, and colors to find the shades that match your style.

Popular Sunglass Styles

Aviator sunglasses provide large, round lenses and a timeless look. Aviators are perfect for individuals with oval or square face shapes, adding to their versatility and wearability. And because aviators offer versatility, they pair well with almost any outfit, as well as casual and formal ensembles.

A retro style that is always in fashion, women's cat eye sunglasses add sassy appeal to your look. Identified by their distinct frame shape, cat eye sunglasses are popular and on-trend, providing classic appeal and a modern look all in one package. The cat eye sunglasses style was created in the 1950s, but really took off in the 60s when it became a favorite style of Hollywood legends like Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, Grace Kelly, and others. The slightly angular lines of a pair of cat-eye glasses make them ideal for basically any face shape.

Wrap around sunglasses are another popular style that provides more coverage around your face than a traditional pair of glasses. Their semi-circular shaped frame wraps around your head to provide sufficient peripheral coverage and prevent the sun’s rays from coming in around the edges.

Sunglasses From the Brands You Know & Love

We offer eyewear from some of the biggest names in the industry. These fashion-forward brands set the stage for any ensemble, and their sunglasses put your unique fashion sense front and center.

One of the most well-known sunglasses brands out there is Oakley. Their eyewear features a sporty-inspired look with top-of-the-line features including polarized lenses. Oakley sunglasses options can also feature polarized lenses, offering added visual clarity. Polarized lenses reduce glare, making images appear clearer and more in focus. Oakley also offers sunglasses with mirrored lenses, adding in extra style and eye protection, too.

If fashion is more your thing, check out brands like Ray-Ban. Ray-Bans are iconic in the world of shades and offer classic silhouettes, advanced lens technology, and a wide range of styles that are sure to fit your personality. These sunglasses provide stand out style that gets you noticed. With timeless frame shapes and on-trend details, Ray-Bans will never go out of fashion.

What to Look for in Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, you want to have quality shades that fit well, block out the sun’s rays, and look stylish. Here are a few other qualities to look out for:

  • Sun/UV Protection - Polarized sunglasses offer the greatest UV protection, blocking out all horizontal UV rays. These impact-resistant sunglasses filter light so that you get a crisp and clear image every time you wear them.
  • Size - You don’t want glasses that can easily slip off of your face. Look for styles that have a close fit to the face so that they block out as much light as possible.
  • Styles & Colors - Sunglasses come in various frame styles and colors. You can buy a pair (or two) for yourself in your favorite color, and get a pair for every member of your family.
  • Lens Tint - The tint of sunglasses lenses can enhance depth perception and reduce eye fatigue in different environments. Gray and black tints are best for reducing brightness and glare while yellow will provide greater clarity in fog, haze, and other low-light areas.
  • Blue Light Protection - If your eyes ever feel dry and tired after looking at a computer screen for long periods of time, opt for glasses with blue light protection. The lenses should protect your eyes from glare and can help reduce potential damage to your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light.

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