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One, two, three, four, Turtles! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are an iconic group of superheroes you may have heard of over the years. They were once normal turtles, but were exposed to an unfortunate chemical mistake. The heroes were taught martial arts by Master Splinter, and have a ferocious appetite for pizza. They grew in popularity with their debut comic and subsequent animated series, and have been refreshed several times over the years for new generations of Turtles fans.

Your Guide to TMNT

You can find a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff at Kohl's. And the best part is, it's not all just for the kids. If you have memories of the original TMNT comics or the first animated series, you should definitely check out the collection.


If you're looking for TMNT themed clothing, look no further. You can find clothes featuring your favorite pizza loving, bad guy fighting Turtles and Master Splinter. This collection features a plethora of graphic tees with fun puns to old school TMNT throwback designs. If you're looking for something warmer, you can find TMNT hoodies, sweaters, and even long sleeve shirts.


TMNT toys have never failed to capture the fun and the action of the beloved characters. This remains true with the newer Turtles designs. If your little one loves the Turtles as much as you, then you should definitely check out Kohl's selection for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys. You can find TMNT themed vehicles for their action figures, playset stages so they can reenact their favorite scenes from the shows and comics, packs of masks with the Turtles' iconic weapons and colors.


Cowabunga, dude! If your little boy loves TMNT, then he's in for a real treat. Even Shredder would be jealous at the number of items you can find here at Kohl's. TMNT clothing features t-shirts, pajamas, and even underwear. If your kid has a few too many toys, consider purchasing a TMNT themed toy organizer. If you need to decorate, you'll even find TMNT wall art from canvas sets to life sized wall stickers of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michaelangelo.


To be frank, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for quite a while now. While the newest iterations are definitely for kids, you might remember when they were geared for a slightly older audience. If so, then you can find plenty of throwback TMNT merchandise to feed your nostalgia fix. You can find graphic tees, long sleeve shirts, pullover sweaters, and hoodies.


Kids love to dress up during play time. If your children are the same way, then you'll definitely want to pick up a TMNT costume or two to upgrade their dress up experience. They can dress up as one of their favorite turtles and create their own TMNT adventures every day.