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Tents for Camping & Hiking

Looking to spend some time in The Great Outdoors? Then make sure you’re prepared for anything with our wide selection of outdoor gear, like tents! The tents available will not only ensure that you enjoy your time in nature, but will also help keep you safe and protected from the elements.

So before you and your fellow adventurers head out to explore, get geared up with all the essentials you need to make memories during your camping, hiking, and other outdoor excursions!

Different Tent Types

If your trip into the outdoors includes some time at the campground, you’ll want to start with the basics that will offer shelter and comfort at your home away from home! The easiest and most common way to do this is to pitch a tent.

Having the right tent for your outdoor adventure is essential. You will need to evaluate the weather conditions, season and environment in which you are camping and also the number of adults that the tent can fit comfortably. Some tents also list the square footage so you can determine additional storage space for gear. If you are backpacking, you will want to consider a lightweight tent for easy mobility. Most tents include ground stakes, poles, a canopy and often, a rain fly for assembly.

Tents tend to be differentiated by how many people they can sleep. At Kohl’s, we offer tent options that comfortably fit anywhere from one person all the way up to larger 10-person tents. This means you’re sure to find the tent you need for any upcoming trip!

How to Set Up a Tent

No matter which tent you choose, here are some tips for setting up your campsite properly.

  • Choose a flat location. This will make your tent easier to pitch and more stable throughout the night. An area on higher ground will also prevent your tent from flooding if it rains. Remove any stones, sticks or other objects that could puncture the floor of your tent.
  • Lay down a tarp and unfold the tent footprint on top. The tarp will help keep you dry and protect the bottom of your tent. Place the tent door opening in the position you would like it to face.
  • Locate the poles, rain fly and stakes. Separate each different type and connect the poles using the elastic cord that runs through each of them.
  • Secure your tent. Place the hook-shaped pegs through the loops at the ends of the tent. Use a mallet or push the pegs into the ground at a 45 degree angle towards the tent.
  • Attach the poles. Run the connected poles through the tube of fabric on top of the tent. Attach one end of the pole to the grommet on the edge of the tent.
  • Pop up the tent. To get the tent to stand up, start with one end of a pole that is not connected to the tent. Bend it enough so you can place the other end into the corresponding grommet. Repeat this for each pole.
  • Circulate air. If you're in a favorable climate, you can air out your tent by opening the vents.