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Tervis Tumblers

Keep your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature in a brand new Tervis tumbler from Kohl’s! No matter if your drink of choice is hot or cold, a Tervis tumbler works to keep the liquid at the ideal drinking temperature to ensure maximum enjoyment.

With a durable construction and a wide range of designs available, our assortment of Tervis tumblers is sure to offer a drinking vessel that suits your taste, your style, and all your needs!

How Do Insulated Tumblers Work?

A popular pick for both hot and cold beverages, insulated tumblers are designed to keep drinks at the exact temperature you want. So how do they do that?

Insulated tumblers feature a double-wall construction. The double-wall insulation is made by inserting a liner inside the outer shell, which creates a layer of air between the two surfaces. The two liners are then permanently fused together. The insulation reduces condensation and keeps beverages hotter or colder longer than non-insulated cups and glasses.

Insulated tumblers also use vacuum insulation, as the air between the two layers is removed during manufacture. By removing the air from between the layers, this prevents temperatures from changing - hot air won’t be drawn to cooler air, and cool air won’t be warmed by warmer air, since there is no air surrounding the beverage!

Features of Tervis Tumblers

Tervis is known for offering tumblers that come in a wide range of styles and looks. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, or any sports team you can think of, there’s a Tervis to showcase your fandom!

Tervis tumblers also come in stainless steel varieties, and all of their insulated cups or mugs come with a tight-fitting lid to prevent spills. Tervis even offers to-go accessory kits, which provide a travel lid, handle, and straw to make drinking beverages on the move even easier!

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