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Throw Pillows

Serving both a style and functional purpose, throw pillows are a must-have part of anyone's living room decor. Named after their ability to be tossed over various pieces of furniture, these decorative pillows can fit any style you have going in any room in your house, most commonly the bedroom or living room. These throws are versatile, available in a wide variety of styles and textures such as leather, silk, suede, and velvet. Whatever look you're going for, Kohl's has what you need to level up your living room! Check out our variety of throw pillows that are sure to spruce up your living area!

A Style for Any Home

Does your home already have a distinguished style you're looking to add to, or are you searching for something to get a new look for your home started? Either way, our selection is sure to have you covered. If you're trying to create a whole new style for your living area, shopping for throw pillows is a great place to start to find what you want. Browse across options for trends old and new, such as mid century modern, coastal/nautical, and floral to give your bedroom or dining area a personal touch. Then, be sure to check out our other options for home decorations such as curtains, rugs, wall art, and more to bring your style full circle!

Floor Pillows

If you're looking for more of a new-age, Bohemian-style piece of decor, you should take a look at our selection of floor pillows available! Reminiscent of carpet squares from one's youth, floor pillows are large, rectangular pillows that allow for you to sit on the floor cozily and can evoke feelings of nostalgia.

Not only do floor pillows add some distinct style to your living room, you'll find that they're also great while hosting your next in-home event! For example, you can make your next movie night or brunch one to remember just by providing a distinctly comfortable experience. There are many cultures around the world that primarily eat meals on the floor, and bringing that into your home can provide a unique experience for your guests!

These pleasant throw pillows are great for groups, but can also be enjoyed while enjoying some "me" time. Floor pillows can give you that cozy feeling next time you're enjoying your morning cup of coffee, studying, reading, or just unwinding from the day. In addition to livening up your favorite room and providing comfort, floor pillows also offer unique health benefits that other pillows don't. For example, these pillows naturally allow for an improvement in posture since you'll be more inclined to sit up straight while on one.

Shop our Accessories

Looking to make your new throw pillows even more customized to your taste? You can pick out a throw pillow cover to easily shift looks while keeping your pillows clean. If you're looking to switch up the fabric of your favorite throw to cotton, polyester, or rayon, we have a great collection of covers in a variety of colors so you can personalize your decor even further!

It's safe to say that you can count on Kohl's for all of your home decor needs! Whether you're just getting started with home decorations or looking for that last touch to tie it all together, our wide array of options gives you full reign to make your home truly yours.

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