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Toddler Toys

Give all the little one's fun items they’re sure to love by browsing our full selection of toddler toys. From dolls to stuffed animals, as well as educational and developmental items, we have all the toys they’ll want for playtime.

And you’ll be able to find all the baby toy brands you know and trust, including Fisher-Price, Melissa & Doug, VTech, and more! With all the toy styles and brands available, our assortment of baby toys is your one-stop-shop for your little one’s essentials!

Toddler Toy Types

At first glance, the selection of baby toys available might seem daunting. There are so many types of toys in a wide range of categories to choose from! So let’s break it down and take a closer look at the different baby toy types available.

  • Early Childhood Toys

You’re sure to want your little one to spend their playtime interacting with toys that aid in their development. Certain toys assist in enhancing sensory and cognitive skills as well the development of language. These include items like toy musical instruments, stacking toys, puzzles, activity tables, and more.

Not only can toys be something your child loves to have fun with, but they can also teach and help develop your child’s motor skills and abilities, too! With toys that feature bright colors, different shapes, and a variety of other functions and features that stimulate your child’s mind, our assortment provides plenty of options that will assist in a baby’s development!

Take playtime outside with one of the many outdoor toys we offer! Encouraging active play, our outdoor toys keep your little one moving and having fun! Whether your child likes to swing on a swing set, slide down a slide, or ride around on a super cool vehicle, we have it covered!

Other toy categories that are sure to be popular with your little one include building blocks, dolls and dollhouses, pretend play toys, and more!

Toddler Toy Safety Features

Nothing is more important than the safety of your child. Even when it comes to playtime essentials, you’re sure to be interested in what precautions have been taken to ensure your child’s safety. Here are some factors and features to be aware of when searching for toddler toys:

  • Read any warning labels right away. Warning labels give important information about how to use a toy and what ages the toy is safe for. Be sure to show your child how to use the toy the right way, as well.
  • Make sure all toys and parts are larger than your child’s mouth. This will greatly reduce the risk of choking.
  • Only buy toys that say “non-toxic” on the label, as these items will be free from harmful chemicals.

Popular Toddler Toy Brands

Not only do we offer plenty of different styles of toys, but we have toys from all the biggest brands in the industry. From brands that have been around for generations like Fisher-Price, to brands that lead the way in terms of durability and ingenuity like Melissa & Doug, we provide them all!

And if you’re looking for toys that feature the latest in licensed characters, including the most popular movie and TV characters, then look no further than Disney toddler toys! With Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and more, your child is sure to love playing with adorable Disney toys.

No matter which toy you choose for your little one, you can feel confident knowing that they’ll have a blast! They’ll also develop important skills they need as they grow, like tactile and motor functions. So with a new toddler toy from Kohl’s, you’re sure to put a smile on your little one’s face!