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TV & Home Theater

TV & Home Theater
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TV & Home Theater
Black Friday TV Deals. 11/20-11/24. Select Styles.

TV & Home Theater

The lights dim. Your breath catches. The world comes alive with sights and sounds unlike anything you've ever seen outside of your imagination. Are you watching the sun set over the horizon of a Tuscan village? Or are you trapped in a darkened alley, the tension creeping up your spine? Maybe you are soaring high above the clouds?

Or, maybe, you are sitting in the comforts of your home theater, with the latest movie plugged into your DVD player that's displaying sights fantastic on your HD TV and pumping sweet sounds through your TV sound bar.

No matter what type of film you fancy, today's televisions and home theater systems let you galavant around the globe and travel through space and time to experience life in ways unfamilar or spectacular, gritty or heart-warming. And with advances in Bluetooth sound bars you can easily step out of your home theater room to get another bag of microwave popcorn without worrying about tripping over cords and wires.

So go ahead and travel the world, fall in love, laugh or cry. Because with the greatest home theater systems available at Kohl's, getting away is as simple as pushing 'Play'.