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This. Is. Your. House.

Get your game on with the latest Under Armour shoes, shirts, shorts and more at Kohl's. Whether you're looking for sneakers to conquer the court or shoes to win the gym, you're sure to find your favorite black Under Armour shoes when you shop in-store and online at Kohl's and Kohls.com.

But it's more than just winning. It's also about getting there. That one additional rep when your body says you should hit the showers. That one last set of free throws when your arms are so tired you can barely lift them above your waist. That one final push for the finish line, when you already crossed the finish line fifty steps ago.

But it's also about getting your family ready to win the game of life. So we've got the kid's Under Armour shoes your little champions will love to wear to basketball practice and to school and all around town -- telling everyone that they are ready to win.

Plus, our boy's Under Armour shoes are sure to keep your gamer in a winning mood from tip-off to the final buzzer -- win, lose or draw. Because champions are not defined by how many trophies they own, or how many games they've won but by how they got those trophies and how they won those games: with hard work and perseverence.