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Window Valances

The windows in your home are among its most important features. They connect us to the beauty of the outdoors and, over time, to the passing of the seasons while keeping us safe and protected from the elements. Unfortunately most home windows tend to look drab and uninspiring without the right curtains and, even, the right curtain accent. One of the most popular and traditional accents you can get for your home is a curtain valance. And when it comes to choosing exactly the right curtain valances for every room in your home, look no further than Kohl's!

Sprucing up your windows with the right valance or adding a decorative accent to your already existing curtains can give your home just the pop of color and design that it needs without blocking out the natural light. Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee in the kitchen or reading that new book in the bay window in the den, you can still enjoy the light of day without it becoming overwhelming or allowing the heat of the sun's rays to make the room uncomfortable. With great looking window valances from Kohl's, you can give your windows a makeover that will liven up your home and prove as functional as they are beautiful.

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One aspect of curtain valance selection that many homeowners have trouble taking on is choosing the right curtain fabric for each room in the house. As you can imagine, valance curtains are available in almost any fabric.

Sheer Fabric

Sheer fabric valance curtains are great for rooms that aren't specifically for sleeping as the fabric is very thin and lightweight. It is intended to allow light through without being overwhelming and gives any room a free flowing, airy feel. Go for a layered look by pairing sheer curtains with curtains made with a heavier weight fabric.

Medium Weight Fabric

Cotton is one of the most common medium weight fabrics in which valance curtains are available. Cotton and other medium weight fabric valance curtains allow those inside the room to maintain privacy while still allowing light from outside in.

Heavy Weight Fabric Curtains

For a more formal look, be sure to choose curtains and valance curtains made from a heavy weight fabric. In addition to providing an added layer of privacy, heavy weight curtains also offer a degree of insulation to a room for a warm, cozy feel.

Blackout Curtains

As the name implies, blackout curtains are made from very heavy material and not only provide complete privacy but also are designed to block out even the brightest light from outside the window. Blackout curtains also provide a level of protection from noise coming from outside.

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are made with a special thermal backing which helps maintain a temperate climate in the room. During the summer months, these curtains work to keep cool air inside while keeping the hot air from getting in. During the winter months, they keep the frigid outside air from getting inside while keeping the warm that is already inside the room from escaping.

Learn more about all of the options for valance curtains and how to properly choose curtains for each room in your home, the right hardware to use, and other window treatments available by checking out Kohl's window treatment guide. You'll also find other great window decor products like window blinds and shades and curtain rods and hardware.

Valance curtains from Kohl's instantly enhance the aesthetic of any room and add a unique warmth to your entire home. Whether you want to add a dramatic feel to your living room or a romantic feel to your bedroom, Kohl's has just the right valance window treatment to help you make a decorative statement. Take the first step toward creating an entirely new look and feel in every room in your home by adding decorative and functional valance curtains from Kohl's.

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