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Remote Control Toy Vehicles & Drones

As more and more people drift closer to their screens and further from interacting with their physical environment, the time is perfect to provide opportunity to manipulate, control and pilot small machines. Children of all ages will enjoy guiding a cool car, terrific truck, heroic helicopter or dynamite drone through adventures of his or her own design. Check out all Kohl's has to offer in the way of supporting a child's coordination, navigation and exhilaration.

Remote Control Cars

Take control at the wheel of a superfast racecar and guide it at top speed around the house or the neighborhood. With remote control cars, trucks, busses and other vehicles, you will be making all the right moves. From fun characters like SpongeBob and Minnie Mouse, to monster trucks and firetrucks, the adventure is within your control. Ideal for the youngsters or the young at heart, these remote control vehicles are perfect for improving hand-eye coordination, setting up race circuits and practicing for the real thing. Navigate the hallways, sidewalks and open spaces of your imagination by getting one of these ultra responsive, high tech remote control vehicles from Kohl's.

Remote Control Planes & Helicopters

Barring unforeseen casting calls, you will never have the opportunity to pilot the Millenium Falcon: fortunately, we have got the next best thing! Take a look at our incredibly array of planes, helicopters and spaceships: you don't even have to go to a galaxy that's far, far away. Just go to Kohl'! Here you will find drones, planes, helicopters and sky-worthy vehicles of all sorts, just looking for a good pilot. Help train the young (or young of heart) for her next mission by developing keen hand eye coordination and an understanding of wind patterns she is sure to cultivate by flying these revelatory remote control planes, helicopters, drones and spaceships.

Remote Control Drones & Cameras

Not long ago, drones were futuristic toys seen only in Sci-Fi films and viral videos. No more. Fast forward to the present tense: now, remote control drones (some equipped with wifi and high definition cameras) are available to everyone on Pick one to pilot: drones aplenty await for your perusal at Kohl's, featuring some of the top brands along with the most modern tech anywhere. Ideal for exploring, surveying or simply buzzing around the backyard, we have got all the remote control drones you could ask for. Enjoy taking the controls of a daring drone: prove you have the right stuff by piloting a drone for a fun flight sometime soon!

Toy Trains

There is just something about the train: harkens back to days gone by, when the only way to see the country was to go by rail. Transportation has evolved, but the train remains an enticing machine for the young and young spirited. Equip the conductor in your life with one of our many trains at Kohl's. We have got everything from the starter train for the very young to the intricate setup for the train aficionado, adept at setting up a more complicated set. Want to get your child on the right track for a long, rainy day? Work together laying down track, setting up a small community and get the train on the track. Even if the day gets off the rails, you can always bond by putting together a new setup for the next time.

Toy Trucks and Cars

Support your child's development by providing opportunity to cultivate mechanical reasoning by providing cars, trucks and other small machines for her to manipulate. Great for gifts, our wide variety of toy trucks, cars and other vehicles will provide hours of enjoyment and imagination for the child in your life. In addition, you will be giving the gift of growth, because anytime not spent with a glowing rectangle is bound to encourage concentration and patience.