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Vitamins and Supplements

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Vitamins & Supplements

Keep your health and well-being at its peak by adding vitamins and supplements from Kohl’s into your daily routine! We provide plenty of options to choose from, focusing on a wide range of minerals and vitamins that keep you feeling great and in tip-top shape. From multivitamins to sleep aids, Kohl’s offers all the supplements you need to be at your best every day!

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Which Vitamins & Supplements Are Available?

If you’re in search of a specific type of supplement, you’re likely to find it at Kohl’s! We offer many of the most popular vitamins and minerals you can find, and each has its own benefits that keep you feeling great.

Our selection of supplements is categorized in several ways, as we offer options for men, women, children, and even for babies. Aside from these divisions, we also offer specific types of supplements, each aimed at different benefits and health solutions.

  • Immunity System Health

When it comes to supporting your immune system, look for supplements that offer Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, Omega 3, and more.

  • Sleep Aids

When you need help maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, look for supplements that include melatonin, which is a hormone that plays a role in your natural sleep-wake cycle.

Kohl’s also offers supplements that help with digestive health, stress relief, cough and cold remedy, and even prenatal care.

Kohl’s provides plenty of brands of multivitamins and supplements that support these areas of health and well-being, including Country Farms, Garden of Life, and Vitafusion. These brands are trusted and respected, and offer products that help you live a full and healthy life.

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