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For the wall in your home, waiting is all the same: don't leave your wall unadorned. Come to Kohl's for wall decor and wall art, including photography, wall signs, decorative clocks and mirrors. All of these options await to bring your wall to life, not just for your guests and special occasions, but for everyday. Kohl's curates classic wall decor and wall art destined to keep the memories, messages and good times alive and kicking for years to come. Feel like you are up against the wall when it comes to design ideas in your home? Don't worry, head on over to Kohl's for quick and easy suggestions for wall decor and wall art.

Photography Wall Art

Picture this: a tranquil river, purple mountain majesty or a ready redwood, all in the comfort of your own home! Yes, we're talking about photography and not the real thing; however, in all honesty, most of us aren't capable of capturing, printing and framing even our best photos and making them come to life as wall decor. But photography on the wall can bring nature to your interior life, forging an important connection between your home and the natural environment. Pair professional photography with featured frames from Kohl's to create a wonderful wall decor ensemble sure to intrigue guests for years to come.

Wall Signs

Share inspiration, beliefs, words of wisdom and maybe even some polite suggestions to your guests with some of Kohl's wonderful wall signs. Ideal for starting conversation, eliciting laughs and conjuring memories of homes gone-bye, these wall signs are for making home feel homey. Folksy, funny, informative and insightful, Kohl's wall signs for your home are sure to catch the eyes of visitors in your home for years to come.

Decorative Clocks

Upon the wall sits years of memories framed by decoration and reminders so time would not have erased with its sponge those precious moments. As time goes by, a timepiece becomes essential to both style and substance in any home. Mind each minute with decorative clocks from Kohl's, sure to keep your wall looking good every hour on the hour.

Decorative Mirrors

As one chooses wall decor, consider a certain philosophy: There is nothing like looking things in the face. No better way to accomplish such a reflective action than to peer into the mirror itself, and here's the thing: Kohl's selection of reflection is ready for your selection. Extend the perception of your room with the expansive power of the mirror, available in myriad sizes, styles and dimensions.

Frames for Photos

There is something about photos of loved ones that recognize the truth courageously: capture the courage and preserve the memories in photo frames meant to add wonder to your wall decor. Finding frames for family, friends and forever fond moments has never been faster or easier to do: Kohl's has various sizes, styles and formats fit for your family room, hallway, kitchen, basement, you name it. But it's not just the memories we hold dear, but also the present days: maybe we don't love them because we aren't used to them, but Kohl's will help you find frames for the memories you are making today!