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Watch Boxes & Cases

Watch boxes are the perfect way to protect and display your watches. Our wide assortment of boxes and cases keep your jewelry safe and secure in style. When it comes to choosing the right watch storage option, there are a few things to consider. Are you looking for a watch case to store your watch collection? Are you traveling with your jewelry and in need of a protective box to carry them? Or, maybe you just want somewhere to keep them on display in your home. No matter the reason, you'll find a watch case that fits both your style and needs.

20-Slot Watch Storage Box

This storage box is ideal for those who consider themselves to be watch enthusiasts and collectors. Featuring 20 watch cushions and a convenient drawer, this wooden Bey-Berk organizer offers ample room for your timepieces. There is more than enough space to put various watch shapes and sizes. With the see-through glass top and velour lining, this option is perfect for viewing your collection while also keeping the dust off.

Leather Watch Storage Case

Perhaps you're just starting your watch collection. Or, maybe you just have a few pieces that you want to store. Either way, when it's time to organize, this leather storage case securely holds up to 10 watches in an elegant display of genuine leather and glass. It also features a locking clasp, thus adding to the elegant and overall sleek design of the box. If you want to store smaller items such as cufflinks and rings, you can easily remove the pillows to make room.

Leather Watch Travel Case

As mentioned earlier, watch boxes and cases are ideal for traveling. This leather case will keep your glasses and watches safely stored in your luggage or backpack. There is a leather insert designed to keep the watches in their place, as well as away from each other. It holds two pairs of eyeglasses and two watches. It's also scratch-resistant and has a zipper closure to prevent your items from falling out. All of these features help ensure the safety of your items until you get to your destination.

Wooden Valet Box

This case is beautiful in both design and function. The cufflink compartments and multiple slots create a place for all of your handsome accessories. Not to mention, it looks great on any dresser. The velour lining prevents unwanted scratches, while the stainless steel accents can be engraved for customization. This box holds watches, but it can store many other things as well. There's also plenty of empty spaces to hold larger items like keys and wallets. Overall, a valet box is a versatile container that keeps your valuables safe and hidden.

Other Organization Essentials

Organizational solutions from Kohl's can help de-clutter every aspect of your life. But these great storage solutions are more than just bins, boxes and baskets — although you can certainly find plenty of those! Explore desk organizers, garment racks, magazine racks, lockers, and great under-bed storage options to tuck things safely out of sight. Get the most out of your closet space too, with hooks, hangers, shoe racks, shelves, drawers and more. Store your dirty laundry out of eyesight with laundry hampers. Explore utility shelves, storage ottomans and more to organize your home with ease. You also need a place to store the stuff you don't want anymore, so be sure you have plenty of trash cans on hand for collecting waste until garbage day. If you believe there's a place for everything and everything has its place, then our line of organization and storage solutions are for you. With storage solutions available at Kohl's, your living space will look its best!