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Watches for Men & Women

Complement your casual or business attire with the wide assortment of watches available at Kohl's. Shop styles that combine form and function to upgrade your look, any day of the week. For a flicker of timeless sparkle, shop our selection of watches with crystal details. Feeling sporty? Browse our assortment of NFL watches and stay on schedule for the big game. From classic brown leather watches to modern black stainless steel watches, you'll find timepieces that are perfectly suited to match your unique personality and style. Whether your look is rugged, sophisticated or high tech, you're sure to find a watch that you'll want to wear all day, every day. 

Why Accessorize with a Watch?

Watches are often viewed as a status symbol and fashion must-have. When you go to your business meetings, do you ever feel like you're missing something? Odds are, it's the polish that a watch can add to your professional look. Naturally, if you're going to reclaim the throne of fashion, you'll have to follow a few rules to maximize your watch. A good thing to keep in mind with watches is that it should match the metal with your other jewelry. If you're married or wear fashion rings, consider matching the color of your watch to your jewelry. Clashing colors can often become distracting, so keep an eye on what you're pairing together. And remember to pay attention to the details, because your earrings or bracelets could throw off the look if not matched properly.

Watch Styles

Smart Watches

You'll have all the information you need right on your wrist when you choose a watch that doesn't just tell time. If you're looking to integrate wearable technology into your daily fashion, smart watches are the way to go. They pair with your smartphones, and have been dubbed “wearables.” They can do what a watch can do, and more. In addition, they're extremely functional and often have software to change the face of the watch to be flashier or more subtle.

Eco-Drive Solar Watches

With solar watches, you can put an end to battery replacements. Eco-drive is a technology that allows your watch to absorb both natural and artificial light to function. This is designed to eliminate the use of the watch battery. This advancement in watch technology helps the environment by eliminating watch battery waste. Batteries are very difficult to dispose of safely, so if you're interested in helping the environment this a great choice for you.

Digital Watches

Both digital and analog watches have their benefits, but digital watches make reading the time a little bit easier. A simple glance at the numbers on the screen will tell you the time in an instant. Digital watches typically consist of additional features such as backlighting, a stopwatch, an alarm, a calendar, and various other attributes.

Popular Watch Brands

Citizen Watches

Citizen wrist watches are expertly crafted with style and quality. Their unique designs offer something for everyone and for every style. If you're a high roller who wants something flashy, they've got something for you. If you're looking for something nice, but ultimately casual, you've got options. They even have something for those who need a simple and understated look for black tie events. You don't have to pay a major premium with these watches either. Here, you'll find a wide range of Citizen watches for under $250.

Bulova Watches

Bulova watches are an old luxury brand that continually raises the bar on style and substance. These timepieces are expertly crafted with fashion and comfort in mind. In an age cluttered with subpar watches, it's imperative to stand out from the rest. Bulova is a luxury brand for those who care about top quality. Bulova prizes vintage mastery in their wares, so you should expect nothing less than sheer excellence.

Relic by Fossil Watches

Relic by Fossil is a no brainer buy. When you're shopping for one of their watches, you'll be struck by the classic nature of their designs. Kohl's features an array of men and women's selections from Relic by Fossil, which means there's something for everyone. Relic by Fossil timepieces are great for new watch enthusiasts because of their affordable pricing and good build quality. They tend to lack the bourgeois aura of other watch brands (without looking or feeling cheap), making them a great choice for business and casual outfits.

Once you've selected the perfect wristwatch, be sure to keep it safe and secure with our assortment of watch boxes and cases.