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Water and Swim Shoes for the Family

Water shoes are the perfect footwear choice for anyone who spends time engaged in aquatic activities! If you've ever slipped by the pool side or stepped on something sharp, these shoes provide protection and offer both comfort and function. Whether you're a water sport enthusiast or just want to be comfortable when walking in water, water shoes are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any environment. Find out why swim shoes are essential for completing your swimwear outfit!

A Guide to Water Shoes

What are Water Shoes?

Ideally, for wet terrain and slippery surfaces, water shoes are a specialized form of footwear that offers foot and toe protection when climbing in and out of water. Moreover, this type of footwear is just as important on land as they are in the water. Not only are they a functional necessity but they're also a great fashion choice! These days, water shoes can bear a resemblance to anything from a typical sneaker to a fashionable sandal.

What are the Benefits of Water Shoes?

From foot protection and traction to comfort and warmth, rest assured you'll enjoy all of the benefits that water shoes provide. This type of footwear generally covers the entire foot and feature thick soles that offer the following benefits:

  • A closed-toe style for foot protection and safety.
  • Rubber soles for improved traction and support on wet, slippery surfaces.
  • A lightweight and quick-drying design to help drain water from the shoe and prevent discomfort.
  • Mesh material for insulation and enhanced temperature regulation.
  • Protection against hot or cold surfaces.

When are Water Shoes Worn?

This type of footwear is designed to protect against hard or sharp items beneath the water that you can't see. Although water shoes are typically worn on aquatic adventures (such as walking along the beach or swimming), they can be worn while engaging in other types of activities and wet areas including:

  • Hiking on wet or muddy trails
  • Float trips
  • Rough or rocky terrain
  • Swimming: out-of-pool protection

You can also wear water-resistant shoes and comfort water shoes when boating, fishing, or tubing to keep you moving all day long!

Water Shoe Styles

With such a wide variety of shoes available, finding the right pair is often dependent on the occasion. Are you headed out for a day of adventure on a hiking trail? Protect your feet on your next trek with active water sports shoes that won't slip or slide off as you engage in your activity. You'll also enjoy the feeling of being barefoot while still protecting your feet for activities such as paddle boarding and hiking. Or, you can stay cool in and out of the water with beach water shoes as you swim and walk along the beach.

Water shoes are sure to make a splash during your next aquatic adventure! Featuring all the styles, designs, and brands you're looking for, our selection of swim shoes is sure to have just the right option you need for your family's day at the pool or beach. In addition to water shoes, there are a wide variety of swim apparel and accessories to choose from, with many different styles and options available, including women's swimsuits, men's swim trunks, and beach towels. Rest assured, you'll find the right option you need for your entire family's swimwear collection.

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