Wedding Bands

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Wedding Bands

The ring is the thing. Ensure your partnership is forged in solid metal, as strong as your hearts. Kohl's has the wedding bands to bring your hopes to each other, fingered forever in companionship. Give your friends and family a headstart on your new life together by providing gift ideas from Kohl's, featuring home goods and more.

Women's Wedding Bands

Diamonds may claim to be a girl's best friend, but Silver and Gold also has a nice ring to it, don't they? If you are looking to tie the knot, look no further than Kohl's for elegance to stand the test of time. When your love is true like ice, like fire, a silvery or golden wedding band may serve as a reminder of your eternal flame's warmth. Discover diamonds and more with women's wedding bands to eternally warm your wedding finger: committing to the right ring can be an easier commitment then, well, you know. Bring sparkle and light to the most special occasion in your life with a ringing endorsement from Kohl's.

Men's Wedding Bands

For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for thee, gentlemen. And with those wedding bells come rings of celebration. Celebrate your coming nuptials with Kohl's, with an ample array of rings sure to strike the right tone for your matrimonial moment. Go for gold, shell out for silver, dig for diamonds, plan for platinum or take tungsten: whatever metal you choose, Kohl's has got you covered for the ceremony. Ring in the new partnership with wedding bands for men meant to be as vibrant as your vows and last as long as forever. Everyone's crazy for a sharp dressed man: get everything you need to strut your stuff, gentlemen, at Kohl's formalwear for men.

Engagement Rings

This is important: engagement is an offer, a promise and a request to ask someone for forever. Be sure you get a ringing endorsement when you choose to take the dramatic leap toward another human by having the right band. Kohl's cares about your next step and has taken care to curate a selection of engagement rings right for any partnership. Take a close look at our cut options, multitudes of metal and generous gemstones. You cannot control whether or not he or she says "yes", but you can control your confidence proceeding your presentation. Let Kohl's care for your preparation and prove we have the perfect engagement ring for your big moment.

Bridal Ring Sets

Kohl's brings you beautiful bridal ring sets with rings that are created to be together and that's what sets our bridal rings apart. Our elegant and awe-inspiring bridal ring sets include both the engagement and wedding ring. Choose among a dazzling array of rings designed to double-down on the engagement and wedding promises of eternity that two people make to each other. Like the coal becoming diamond, so will your love together grow ever glistening, gorgeous and rare. Say it with silver, gold, diamond, platinum and gemstone: she or he will hear you loud and clear with a perfect pair of bridal rings to show your commitment to a forever together.