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Wellness Market Essentials

Clean living is more than just clean eating at home and staying active at the gym. You also need wellness, bath, and beauty products designed to help improve your lifestyle. With essentials like household supplies; beauty and personal care products; baby personal care items; vitamins and supplements; and pet supplies, the Wellness Market emphasizes products with clean, natural, and sustainable qualities. You can also discover a great assortment of wellness lifestyle products from top national brands and small businesses.

Healthy Essentials Good for You & the Planet

Making the switch to non-toxic products is not only good for you and your family but the environment as well. By curating our Wellness Market products around these values, we want to provide you with an easy experience where you can take out the guesswork in your essentials shopping and know that our products are created with you and your family in mind. Our assortment includes all-natural products that are better for our customers and the environment - all at a great value.

Health & Wellness Products

Health and wellness encompass all activities which promote physical and mental wellbeing: from exercises to healthy eating. Be sure to stock up on health and personal care items like hand soaps, vitamins, and oral care products. For beauty, you can find a wide assortment of makeup, nail polish, and hair care items. After taking care of yourself, turn your attention to your home with storage and cleaning supplies. Whether you’re looking for baby gear made from safe, non-toxic ingredients or clean pet supplies for your furry friends, you’ll find it all right here.

Now’s the time to take the first step towards clean living. Shop Kohl’s to find health and wellness products for your mind, body, and home!