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Coolers with Wheels

Backyard barbecues, long days at the beach, and camping nights under the stars require a convenient place to store your food. Fortunately, you’ll be able to keep your drinks and snacks cool on the go with rolling coolers from Kohl’s! Wheeled coolers with handles make it easy to bring your refreshments with you wherever you’re headed.

What to Look for in a Rolling Cooler

If you’re going to tailgate, having the right cooler is key. Anyone who has had to regularly carry coolers knows just how difficult it can be. Large coolers can weigh up to 100 pounds when they are filled, which can be too heavy for a person to carry on their own. That’s where coolers on wheels come in.

Coolers with wheels are sturdy, compact, and practical options that make larger coolers more mobile. Some styles may have large wheels that can be pulled across rough terrain while others have smaller wheels that are ideal for rolling across flat surfaces. Some coolers help to lift the storage area of the container off of the ground. This helps to minimize the amount of heat that the cooler experiences. In addition, an increased height allows for easier access to its contents without the need for bending down as far.

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