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White Sneakers & Athletic Shoes

Kick your look into high gear with a brand new pair of white sneakers or athletic shoes from Kohl’s! A pair of white shoes is an easy way to brighten up any look, and athletic shoes and sneakers are sure to be a steady part of your everyday wardrobe.

Shop Kohl’s for all your shoe needs - from casual options to formal footwear, we have you covered! And we also offer options for men, women, and kids, so you know that we have all members of your family taken care of, too!

Styling a Look with White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers or athletic shoes is a perfect addition to anyone’s casual wardrobe. They pair well with jeans, chino pants, khakis, shorts - you name it, it’ll probably work!

For guys, a pair of men’s white shoes can instantly elevate your look. An outfit with a white pair of sneakers, combined with a pair of denim jeans, a simple t-shirt, and even a layering piece like a jacket or sport coat and build a really high-quality, smart-casual ensemble.

For ladies, the same rules pretty much apply - white sneakers and athletic shoes for women are versatile and fit any casual look. A pair of white shoes fits in well with a pair of black leggings and a cardigan sweater. You can even add white kicks to a look that features a casual women’s dress for a fun outfit that’s ideal for weekend wear.

Cleaning White Sneakers or Athletic Shoes

As white sneakers come in a variety of material types, it’s best to look at cleaning and caring for them by construction, so you’ll know just how to keep your pair of shoes shining bright!

  • Cleaning Leather Shoes

First, hand clean your shoes with a damp paper towel, removing surface dirt and debris. Allow the shoes to dry for a few minutes. Next, use a “Magic Eraser”-type of cleaning product to clean the soles of your shoes. Lastly, use a damp cloth with a bit of gentle soap to wash away the rest of the grime on the shoes. You may need to repeat the process a few times to get the best results. Your kicks will now showcase that sparkling white color, just like they were brand new!

  • Cleaning Canvas Shoes

First, create a mixture of one tablespoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and one cup of warm water. Use a toothbrush and/or a cloth dipped in the mixture to then scrub the shoes thoroughly. After you’re done scrubbing, brush off any loose, dried residue from the cleaning solution. Allow your shoes to air dry before wearing again.

With a new pair of white sneakers from Kohl’s, your wardrobe is sure to get an immediate upgrade! With so many ways to style and build an outfit around a pair of white shoes, you’ll be instantly impressed by the versatility they offer. Shop Kohl’s and find a new pair of shoes for each member of your family today!