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Update your on-course golf game wardrobe with women's golf clothes from Kohl's. Golf clothes for women are just what you need to keep your scores lowand your body comfortable and ready for top performance throughout the whole eighteen holes.When you're out on the links, you don't want to have to worry about how you look—your mind should be on your game, the number of strokes you've taken, the direction of the wind, when they're bringing you your next drink from the club house. That's why Kohl's offers simple, stylish, functional women's golf clothes that'll take you swiftly from tee off to the eighteenth hole in comfort and style. Show them how good you are at the game—while looking like a pro. Ditch those pro-shop prices and find big savings on top brands at Kohl's.

Kohl's offers many different styles and types of women's golf apparel, like women's golf dresses, women's plus size golf clothes, and women's Nancy Lopez golf clothing. Some days, you may want to look more feminine when you step onto the green. Golf dresses and golf skirts are perfect for achieving that look while staying game ready. Other days you may want to match one of the guys—here come pants, polos, windbreakers, sweaters, and more to help you get there. Playing in warm weather? Cold weather? Rain? Kohl's has women's golf clothing for rain or shine, all year round. Kohl's also has the proper undergarments for sports, including moisture-wicking base layers, sports bras in several sizes, and underwear that are breathable and chafe-proof. You'll look good and stay comfortable.

Mix and match golf-specific gear with other workout gear and clothes from our wide range of women's apparel. You may find the perfect pair of pleated plaid golf pants in amongst the business separates. It's a classic look for a reason—don't discount it! Maybe there's a collared short-sleeve shirt that's perfect for the back nine available from one of our top brands. Floppy, foppish hats might be on the menu for you, too. Maybe there's a day on the links during which you'll just be a spectator and not a participant—find dapper threads for cheering on the other members of your golf club that'll be equally appropriate for having lunch or dinner or cocktails (or all three) in the clubhouse later. You'll never know what you'll find at Kohl's.

It's taken quite a while for the world to take women's golf seriously, but it's nothing new at Kohl's to take women's golfing apparel seriously. In fact, we have lots of sports gear and apparel for women, perfect for any game you wish to play in any environment. And at prices like ours, there's nothing stopping you from taking up a new athletic hobby! Check out women's basketball gear, women's yoga and Pilates gear, and gear for baseball, football, and soccer. Get the whole family in on the fun with clothing and gear for men and children in each and every sport and size. It's game on when you shop at Kohl's!

If you're not one for playing sports and prefer to root for the home team in the stands (or from the comfort of your living room), you can find a range of sports team gear for showing your team pride by wearing your team colors. The whole family can wear team colors with pride—shop basketball team gear, baseball team gear, football team gear, and more for everyone in your household.

Spending time outside requires protection, even if you're a sun worshipper. Find sunglasses, hats, visors, and more to keep your skin from getting crispy. Don't forget rain coats, boots, and umbrellas—though you probably shouldn't be out on the golf course in wet weather! Maybe your day on the links will turn into a whole day at the park, complete with picnic. Kohl's has everything you need to dine al fresco, including impact-resistant outdoor plates and cups, picnic bags and baskets and coolers, sun-blocking umbrellas, outdoor throw blankets, and more. Why dine inside when it's so nice outside?

Shop Kohl's for all your women's golf gear needs, and find the right addition for your on-the-links look. You're sure to fit right in until you're standing out thanks to your next-level golfing skills. Fore!

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