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Women?s Apt. 9 Clothing: Smart Style Designed for 9 to 9

We're more connected than ever. Our offices are our laptops; our network exists on our phones. As the connection between work and life evolves so too should our wardrobe. Sure an individual point of view remains important, but versatility is key. Work has changed. What we wear should change, too.

Apt. 9 Jeans aren?t just for the weekends. Apt. 9 Blazers aren't just for business. Dry clean only? No one has time for that. Browse Apt. 9 clothing for women to find the perfect additions to your wardrobe, with smart tops bottoms and timeless Apt. 9 black shoes that you can wear anywhere, anytime. It's smart style designed for 9 to 9, not 9 to 5.

As women, we need stylish and smart clothing solutions for a dynamic life on the go. Welcome no-nonsense fabrics, focused silhouettes and, yes, of-the-moment fashion. Goodbye power suit. Hello empowering style. See what women's Apt. 9 has to offer at Kohl?s!