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Womens ASICS Shoes for Women

ASICS is an acronym for the Latin expression "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano", which translates into English as: "You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body". ASICS founder Kihachiro Onitsuka was inspired by this expression to make athletic shoes designed to nurture the development of women, men and children through active living.

Take to the trail, step to the streets or walk on down the hall: whichever direction you choose, ASICS Shoes for Women has the shoes to fit her versatile lifestyle. Whether she's on the run training for a triathlon, chasing children through the daily routine or simply lacing up for another challenging day at the office, ASICS Shoes for Women are ready to provide your comfort. ASICS Shoes for Women from Kohl's will fit her feet for future fun, challenges and adventure while supplying support and staying power sure to last the long run. ASICS Shoes for Women offers a variety of vibrant color combos and sleek styles sure to be a shoe-in for her next ensemble. Features include: breathable mesh upper, rearfoot GEL Cushioning System along with a durable traction sole.

Shoes supply the support for any woman looking to endure the long run. ASICS Shoes for Women from Kohl's are sure to secure your feet for any endeavor. Heck, even if you're just wearing the shoes because they look cool, we've got you covered. Womens ASICS Shoes for Women feature styles certain to bring together the look that suits you. Looking for fresh shoes with lights-out features? Check out what comes along with some of the Women's ASICS Shoes for Women: Trail-specific outsole and high-abrasion rubber for confidence-inspiring traction. Be sure to equip your feet in soft comfort with Kohl's sweet supply of socks for women!

For the Office and Beyond

Cool and casual never looked or felt so good: whether you're taking a stroll on the beach, meandering the park or just chillin' at the crib, Kohl's has got the ASICS Shoes for Women for you. Lightweight yet still elegant enough for the office, you'll be footloose and fancy free in this footwear. Kohl's makes it easy to pair shoes reveal easy style to blend perfectly anywhere, whether it's with workday clothing or your laidback evening and weekend duds. In Womens ASICS Shoes for Women for women, you'll redefine anywhere, bringing fly footwear style wherever you may roam: where you lay your foot is home. Just some of the features of these flexible shoes include: Relaxed Fit design for roomy comfort, elastic side inserts for easy on-and-off, cool air mesh design with stabilizing panels, supportive comfort midsole and flexible traction sole.

For The Woman on the Run

To the woman on the run, we say: speed over to Kohl's. Constructed with consideration for the long run, our running shoes for women are built to last. Let Kohl's supply style and substance to shave seconds off your best time with sturdily built running shoes set to protect your feet from unforgiving surfaces and elements. Women's ASICS Shoes for Women have never been easier to find and faster to put on your feet...get to Kohl's with time to spare for your next fun run, marathon, triathlon or simple stroll around the block. Features for these fit fun shoes for your feet include: Gel & foam combine perfectly for a lightweight yet plush ride along with mesh upper for breathable and flexible fit. Workout in style by browsing Kohl's incredible selection of women's activewear, featuring some of the top brands available.


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