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Women's Backpacks

Need a stylish way to hold all your essentials close at hand? How about a high-quality women's backpack?

Whether it's hauling around books at school, carrying a laptop to work, or ensuring all gym items are ready for another workout, a backpack offers versatile mobile storage that will get you and your gear wherever you need to go. When looking for a backpack, there are several factors to consider that will help ensure you find the ideal bag solution for your lifestyle!

Backpack Types

Once you know which size backpack you need, you can start to find the perfect bag style that will work best for the activity you need it for the most.

Basic Backpacks

A basic backpack is versatile, effective, and simple option for everyday use. It can come in handy for work, school, play, or just about any activity that requires you to keep your must-haves nearby. Basic backpacks come in a wide variety of colors, brands, and looks, so there's sure to be an option that suits your style and needs.

Anti-Theft Backpack

When traveling or carrying important, valuable items, an anti-theft backpack is a great option for ensuring the safety and security of your goods. With features like RFID-blocking material, locking zippers, and slash-resistant panels and straps, an anti-theft backpack goes the extra mile to keep you and your essentials safe and sound.

Laptop Backpack

When your technology needs to travel along with you, a laptop backpack is just what you need. These specially designed packs provide security and protective features that keep your computer safe. Padded laptop sleeves surround your device, adding a layer of cushioning that can absorb bumps, drops, and other everyday dangers that your computer can encounter. Laptop bags also feature ample storage and extra pockets designed for all your peripherals and accessories. With pouches made to hold charging cords, mice, USB drives and more, laptop bags store all your mobile must-haves right in the same place – safely and securely. With features like these, laptop backs ensure you can connect wherever you go!

Mini Backpack / Backpack Purse

If you have more of a desire for style over substance, a mini backpack or backpack purse might be right for you. These on-trend bags come in many fashionable designs and styles, and feature a compact size that makes carrying it a breeze.

While the look of the pack is the main draw to mini backpacks, they do provide pockets and pouches with enough room to hold your wallet, makeup, or other essential items. Potentially, a backpack purse or mini backpack could replace your use of more traditional small purses or clutches, offering a different way for you to carry your belongings with a bit of added style.

Other Bag Types and Brands

Many other types of bags and packs can be useful over the course of your busy day. Messenger bags offer stylish storage. Duffel bags provide added storage for all your athletic gear and other larger items. Travel luggage is essential for anyone who is always on the go. And if specific brands are more your thing, you can find plenty of offerings from names like JanSport, Nike, Levi's, Samsonite, and more.

Women's backpacks make great options for everyday use, no matter where the day may take you. With all your essentials close at hand, you'll be ready for everything, and will look great doing it all!