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Women's Bali Bras

The foundation of any complete wardrobe begins and ends with a great selection of comfortable intimates and there's no better way to lay that foundation than with Bali bras from Kohl's! Intimate apparel is essential and when it comes to creating the best fitting and most comfortably cozy intimate apparel in the world, no one creates like Bali. And no one has a wider array of amazing, ultra comfy Bali bras than Kohl's! Equally ideal for everyday wear and for special occasions, Bali bras make feeling natural a way of life. No matter what your body type, there are great looking and great fitting Bali bras for every woman, from petite to plus size and everyone in between.

Bali Minimizer Bras

Sometimes life calls for subtlety and when that call comes in, it's good to know Bali has you covered with their minimizer bras. The Bali minimizer bra perfectly balances form and function by implementing lightly padded underwire cups into a curve-conforming overlay design to provide extra side support. It's the consummate full coverage fit that minimizes bust appearance while still maintaining curve and comfort. Bali's minimizer bras will have you looking and feeling fabulous whether you're getting dressed for a day at the office or a night on the town!

Bali Wireless Bras

Traditional bra design, as well-meaning as it may be, doesn't always offer the most comfortable fit, especially when it comes to the wires. One of the more uncomfortable features of the traditional bra has always been the pesky but seemingly necessary wires that sometimes do everything from pinch to poke to just plain get in the way. Bali's wire-free bras make that problem a thing of the past. With Bali wire-free bras you can look forward to all of the form-fitting comfort of a traditional bra but without the problems that you sometimes have to deal with when the wires get unruly.

The Bali Comfort Revolution Bra

Slip into your comfort zone with Bali's Comfort Revolution bra, the only bra that takes intimate comfort to a whole new level! Bali has revolutionized underwear by rethinking the designs and materials used to create it. One of their newest creations born from this clothing paradigm shift is the Comfort Revolution bra - a full line of bras that offer features like Comfort-U back design, Knit-in zones to provide targeted support, Cool Comfort™ fabric that helps wick moisture and keep you cool and comfortable, and ComfortFlex Fit® 4-way stretch fabric for a more flexible fit that shapes to fit you. You've never worn a bra like the Bali Comfort Revolution bra and you'll find a wide array of colors and patterns to fit your lifestyle as much as your body type when you shop Kohl's!

There is no room for compromise when you're adding to your intimate apparel. When it comes to that part of your wardrobe that is closest to you day in and day out, you want the highest quality comfort and support and you'll find it with Bali bras at Kohl's! Our selection of Women's Bali bras feature all the style and comfort you need when looking to build or expand on that foundation of intimates. Find all the bra and underwear options you're looking for when you shop Kohl's! Our collection of Bali panties offers options that are sure to become part of your everyday wardrobe and that are sure to complement any of our full line of Bali bras like our Bali lace bras and Bali full-coverage bras for added everyday comfort. When it comes to women's apparel, Kohl's has just what you need to look and feel your best!

Women's Bali bras and panties from Kohl's are ideal for everyday wear. Stay stylish and comfortable in Bali's full line of women's intimate apparel from Kohl's!