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Getting Back to Flats

What's the magic behind flats?

If you've ever worn flats you know just how different they are from other shoes. They are inspired by ballet shoes which are light and airy, as to not disrupt the technical footwork of the craft. As flats were adopted into popular shoe fashion, their high breathability and low weight inspired an evolution. Keeping the overall look what came from the changes have largely influenced women's footwear for the foreseeable future.

Certainly, you can still find proper ballerina shoes which have an extremely thin sole, and a minimalist construction which adheres to your foot via elastic. Popular construction has a bit more utility, such as a thicker sole, and perhaps a slight heel. While ballet shoes are more like a slipper and created with very soft materials, you'll find ballerina flats are often made with canvas or other studier materials. Ballet shoes are designed solely for dancing, whereas the ballerina flat is designed for walking, being out and about, and for work attire. The magic of the ballerina flat comes down to the lightness, and the versatility derived from the slim and minimalist construction.

How to wear your flats

Now that you know the difference between ballerina shoes and ballerina flats, it's time to talk style. There's a few different designs out there for ballerina flats and several ways to pair them with your favorite outfits.

Shoe style and outfit pairing

Shopping for shoes should never be a hassle. Kohl's has a large selection of styles and shoes to choose from. When it comes to ballerina flats you have a few things to consider: color, material, and construction.

Choosing your color should be a cinch. Many of the selections you can make have multiple color options. This means that you can pick your favorite, or whichever color is the most functional for your wardrobe.

Material and construction is another matter. If you're looking to preserve the lighter nature of the ballet shoe then you'll want to stick with a thin canvas shoe, and consider whether or not you want a heel. If you need something more dense for work, you can find thicker and heavier materials along with a raised heel for extra height and support.

Pairing your ballerina flats should be easy, since they're extremely flexible. They can fit with just about any casual outfit and a majority of business casual looks. If you're going for business professional, dress, or some other restriction occasion you'll need a different shoe.

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