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Women's Black Dresses

A formal staple of any woman's dressy wardrobe, a simple black dress is an ideal option for any important occasion. The versatility of a little black dress allows it to pair with many different shoes, accessories, and more.

When it's time to shop for a new black dress, there are some important factors to bear in mind to ensure you find the dress that's perfect for your wardrobe. Knowing how best to pick out and wear your little black dress can make all the difference when it comes to making a fashion statement.

Black dress style tips

No matter which type of dress you choose, there are some basic tips that can help you create a complete look to go along with your black dress.

  • Look for dresses that incorporate multiple fabric textures within the same dress. This will help provide a more modern, stylish appearance.
  • Another factor to consider when it comes to fabric is the season. Keep in mind that a lightweight fabric will not keep you warm in winter.
  • Use different types of bold accessories to really stand out. The boldness of the accessories will play off the simplicity of the black dress.
  • If you're looking to add a pop of color to your ensemble, find dress heels that feature a vibrant hue. Shoes provide a subtle, yet noticeable color infusion to any black dress look.

Finding the perfect dress style for your body type

Another thing to take into account when choosing your little black dress is your body type. Pairing the right dress style with your body type can enhance the look and flatter your shape!

Pear Shape - Halter Dress

To best flatter a pear shape, consider a halter dress. This dress style shows off the shoulders and creates a balanced shape that is more triangular in appearance.

Petite - Sheath dress

For petite body types, a sheath dress is optimal. This dress style features an elongated shape that helps you look taller.

Apple shape - Shirred dress

The gathered waistline of a shirred dress helps provide more definition between your top and bottom halves.

Curvy - V-neck dress

For those with a curvy body type, a V-neck dress can help make the waist appear narrower due to the more open chest area.

Plus size - Wrap dress

For plus-size body types, a wrap dress is ideal. It allows the slimmer areas of your body to be accentuated, namely the shoulders and waist. The dress is then looser around the lower part of the body.

Dresses for specific occasions

While a little black dress is ideal for almost any occasion, some events call for specific dresses that provide a little something extra special. Homecoming and prom dresses get you looking great for the big dance. Evening dresses add extra elegance for those more formal occasions that call for an elevated ensemble, like when attending a wedding - whether it's as a guest or as part of the wedding party.

Accessorize your formal look

Complete your formal outfit with the right accessories. The perfect pair of earrings, a timeless pearl necklace, or a sleek pair of dress shoes take your little black dress and kicks it up a notch.

With the perfect black dress and the right accessories, you're all set to make an immediate impression at your next formal event.

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