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Blue Dresses for Women

Sometimes neutral tones just don't cut it. Blue commands confidence and reliability, and suggests intelligence. Sure, you could go with a staple black or brown dress, but why not look professional AND stand out? The brilliant thing about the blue dress is that you can wear it for just about any occasion:



Formal Events

Weddings & Cocktail Parties

Blue isn't your color? Think again! From navy to sky, there's a shade of blue for you. If you need to look collected with a dash of cool sophistication, consider pairing a solid blue dress with jewelry. For fun and flirty, go with a printed dress and a hat!

Accessorize Your Dress With Jewelry

When it comes to dresses, it's never wrong to accessorize. If you're not used to wearing jewelry, it's okay. Consider what you want to accentuate with your accessories. Do you have a dress with a higher cut? Go for a silver or gold bracelet. But if your dress is designed to accentuate the neck consider a diamond or pearl necklace. Pearls may seem to be an "old fashioned" choice, but blue dresses allow the stark nature of the pearls to draw the eye, making them captivating rather than distracting.

Time to Accessorize

For office-ready business attire, a matching handbag will go a long way. Remember that presentation you have coming up? Imagine having just the right bag to complement your dress.

In case you didn't know, the blue dress is appropriate for all seasons, and it's primed for seasonal accessorizing. In the spring and summer months, pair your playful dress with a hat. To finish off the look, grab a pair of sunglasses so you're ready to hang out in the sunshine all day.

If the colder months have you down, remember that dresses are never off limits! Scarves are always great for keeping your neck and face cozy, but they can also serve as a way to accentuate your favorite jacket or coat. Infinity scarves are trendy and designed for versatility. If you're looking for a more classic and rugged look, grab a fall colored scarf to compliment your dress.

Scarves are a great accent piece, but if you're wearing a shoulderless dress, maybe a sweater is in order. For a more put-together look, find a button up sweater that will still show off your skirt. If you're going for a more flowing look, an open front sweater with long sleeves and a thigh length can really add to your look. Whichever you choose, make sure you pick a color to make your dress pop.

Formal Dresses

There's never a better time for a blue dress than a formal event. Make a brilliant statement at your prom. Whether it's a solid blue you pair with a gold bracelet, or a sophisticated and lacy dress, you know that you'll stand out.

Weddings are always so tricky to shop for, but Kohl's makes it easy. Maybe you don't want to over do it with your little black dress. Don't sweat it because there are plenty of styles for you to look your best! For summer weddings, consider an elegant maxi dress. If the reception is an outdoor cocktail party, go for the ankle length cold-shoulder. Wherever the setting, your blue dress will be just right.


Your shoes can make or break your outfit. A comfortable and fashionable pair of shoes will take you, and your outfit, to the next level. Going for a slightly rugged look in the workplace? You'll want a pair of knee high boots. If you want a bohemian look, pair your dress with wedge sandals and a flowing sweater. For formal events, find heels or flats that sync with your jewelry. And when you just need to kick back at the coffee shop never feel bad about a trusty pair of sneakers.