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Women's Bomber Jackets: A 1950s Classic Gone Modern

A challenger returns

A staple of fashion in the 1950s and beyond, most closets had a bomber jacket. They were cool, tough, and bulky. The bomber jacket was a homage to air force attire which were designed to keep pilots warm and safe. Letterman jackets were often modeled after the bomber jacket as well, making them an iconic symbol during the 80's.

Fast forward to today, and the bomber jacket isn't something that just men sport. With the sophisticated and flexible fashions today, many outfits level up when combined with some sort of outerwear. Layers are big, and nothing is better for layering than a modern bomber jacket. For women, the design certainly retains its original silhouette, with a few exceptions. Some jackets are tighter, tapered, and more form fitting. Others have sharper angles and are meant to complement a cutting edge look.

Working your bomber jacket

Bomber jackets can also be fairly flexible when it comes to pairing for occasions. In order to make sure it's appropriate, you should consider the cut and the materials made. Since it has such a classic look, you should be able to modify a work outfit to make it work with it. When it comes to work, you can always remove it for meetings or presentations if it's not quite dress code. Because of the warmer construction, most people won't argue with you if you wear it into work in the fall. Fortunately, there are some that retain the overall shape, but are designed to look more like a blazer, which can give you far more flexibility in the workplace.

These jackets aren't really meant for dress and black tie events, but if you're the experimental type you just might be able to create the perfect mashup look. When in doubt, opt for a coat that's designed for your high class events. For casual situations, all bets are off. With so many different materials and selections available, there's almost always a bomber jacket out there for you. Accomplishing a darker and rough around the edges look is a cinch. But if you go for a hooded bomber, you can pair it with a preppier look for Sunday brunch.

When a bomber jacket isn't quite what you need

Bomber jackets are certainly a great fashion choice, but they're ultimately not designed to stand up to the elements, and they're not nearly as flexible when it comes to occasion appropriateness. In the spirit of helping you find exactly what you need, check the guide below if you're looking for something else!


The bomber is renowned for its militaristic vibe. You know what else has military roots? Peacoats were born from past navy fashion. These are great to pair with formal attire as they are far longer, and made of heftier materials. When you wear a peacoat prepare to keep warm and look great at the same time.

Winter coats

When the weather bites back, you've got to be prepared. Some are inspired by athletic coats designed to help cushion falls and cut wind; others are fashioned after the heaviest coats of old. If you care about fashion at all times, there's something for you. If you care about being warm at all times… well ditto. With Kohl's selection of Winter coats, you just can't go wrong. Going with weather-resistant outerwear means only the very worst Winter has to offer can stop you.


Not all coats are waterproof and that's fine. But it's definitely not fine when it's pouring and you gotta get to work. Sure, an umbrella can do the trick, but sometimes a raincoat is in order. These are constructed with water resistant and waterproof materials that wick water, to keep you dry and reasonably warm during the Fall and Spring months. Find a coat that's best for your wardrobe so you never have to worry about tracking down your umbrella right before you head out.