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Warming Up to Cold Shoulder Dresses

What is a Cold Shoulder Dress?

Ah, the cold shoulder. Something that has been hotly debated in the past, but has seen a resurgence in modern fashion trends. For those who don't know, the cold shoulder style is when your dress or top have sleeves… with open shoulders. Implemented well, they create a chic and tantalizing look few designs can rival. Even more so, a cold shoulder creates an elegant silhouette. It breaks up the fabric you brain expects to see, and the revealing of skin causes your silhouette to change significantly. In short: it's almost always a breathtaking break in fashion form.

If you're in on giving the cold shoulder a try, you're likely asking yourself "who is it for?" Well, you're in luck because this design can be for just about anyone. The shoulders are an angular break for your torso, so whether you have perfectly round, skinny, bony, wide, or very hefty shoulders, they get a chance to shine. The cold shoulder tends to create a drape effect because the sleeve has to connect back to the rest of the fabric, which should create plenty of intrigue for your shoulders and arms.

Wearing the Cold Shoulder with Confidence

How do you wear the cold shoulder with confidence? The simple answer is: don't worry about it. Wearing it is an act of confidence all its own. But if you want a better answer than that buckle up. It starts with finding the right size of cold shoulder. Not the size of the shirt (that IS important), but the size of the gap. This will dictate how much shoulder shows, and often informs how much the sleeves drape.

After you do this, you'll want to make sure you find a flattering color. The right shoulder but the wrong color will certainly make you feel awkward when you're supposed to be rocking it. Finally, you'll need to find the right length for you. If you want to show off those legs, you'll want to aim shorter. However, too much showing skin could sabotage the cold shoulder so finding the right balance is key.

Other Dress Styles

Shirt dresses

Cold shoulders aren't always for everyone (usually comes down to preference for a full sleeve). And too, sometimes cold shoulders aren't the best fit for casual scenarios. So, with that in mind take a look at shirt dresses. They're the perfect marriage of soft t-shirts and dresses. They sit like a t-shirt but with a long hem that becomes a skirt. These can be worn with leggings or without. Some t-shirt dresses double as tunics which opens you up to many different outfit opportunities.

Party and wedding

A dress made for a specific occasion can go a long way to help you look your best. If you really want to turn up the heat for a party you'll want to check out Kohl's selection of party dresses. These a great for cocktail parties and dates, or even girl's night out on the town. Wedding guest dresses are great for making sure that you never look better than the bride, but definitely look great for your plus one.

Midi and maxi

Midi and maxi refer to length of a dress. These dresses' hems tend to hit at calf length or lower. Many of these dresses will work excellently as Spring and Summer sun dresses. With the selection Kohl's offers you should be able to find the right dress for you.

Work dresses

At the end of the day, you might feel a bit self conscious about your work wardrobe. Sure, your clothes might fit "business casual," but there's always that nagging worry that it's not enough. If this is you, consider Kohl's offering of work dresses. They marry fashion with business casual sensibilities, and if you choose well, your fears should be assuaged.