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What's the difference between 'High-Tops' and 'Low-Tops'?

When you think of Converse, you probably think of their "All Stars" brand. These are the 20th century basketball shoe turned retro staple. They feature a canvas construction, the star badge on the side, and a high-top upper. For many years these were the shoes that Converse built its empire on. Today, things have changed. The All Stars and subsequent Chuck Taylors are just a small part of the Converse line-up.

One of the simple iterations that came from the high-top All Star/Chuck Taylor is the low-top. Fashioned after a typical loafer, these shoes leave behind the tall canvas upper, for an upper that hugs the heel. Variations of the low-top feature the narrow Chuck Taylor staple, to be a callback to the original All Stars. However, there are styles that closely resemble modern skater shoes, with a slightly raised tongue and throat line.

Classic Converse Designs

Here's a better look at the styles available from Converse:


Classic design with an array of colors


Classic design with an array of colors


Styled after more modern shoes

If you're looking to make a statement, consider the more classic designs. If you're looking to make a loud statement, consider one of the printed All Stars with “Converse” written all over. The classic style is still a hit and shouldn't be passed up if you're looking to do something retro.

A more modern shoe is the mid style. These are very similar to casual shoe styles, and are reminiscent of skate shoes. They still feature the classic Chuck Taylor sole and outsole.

Styling your Converse

With a pair of Converse, it's less about what you can't pair them with than what you CAN. The list is staggering. Most colors will pair with just about any casual outfit, so long as you're following color rules. White Converse can pair very well with your business casual outfits, and occasionally can slide into business professional with the right outfit and proper shoe care. Just about every color in the Converse catalogue can pair with something, even if it's a form of personal expression or high fashion.

Colored Converse

As said above, colored Converse can basically go with anything. But here's some classic pairings:

Got a lovely pastel colored sweater? Pair it with as close of a shade Converse as you can, and throw on your favorite pants (yeah, even shorts). The most fun thing you can do with colored Converse is create color cohesion in your outfit. If you want to be more subtle about it, pair up your color with an accent color in your outfit if you want to feel chic and clever.

The most iconic of the colored Converse is the red pair. High top or low top, these can be a brilliant contrasting tool for your outfit. Just don't wear them with black. White and blue should be your first choice to pair with any red pair.

Black and white

These are the most classic style of Converse. They trend towards slightly edgy, and work well for either throw back or punk looks. If you're going for rock or punk, consider dark pants or a skirt, a shirt to match, and a beanie (black or colored). With that said, if you keep them clean you can definitely wear these with any clothing that features some brighter colors.

The most iconic look to pair with your black and whites is the plain white tee and blue jeans. If this is too plain for you, consider a pastel colored tee with either khakis or your favorite skinny jeans.

White Converse

White shoes should play well with your straight forward casual styles, but they can do far more. Build out your casual outfit as you would, and toss on a blazer (if you're wearing jeans, chinos, or really any pants). On the flip, weather permitting, rock your white shoes with your favorite dress.

For business casual settings, a more muted pallet with a navy jacket or blazer will make your white Converse pop. The key to using your shoes well is to allow them to stand out. This means avoiding overly bright colors (except for your jeans). Following the rules of contrast, muted, darker, or neutral colors will allow all attention to hit your shoes first, and should help you look cool and stylish. To be clear, these styling tips are just for your plain white low/mid/high top Converse.


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