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Women's Crossbody Purses & Bags

Kohl's crossbody handbags and purses for women offer a fine selection of items, highlighted by some of the top brands available. Peruse our purses, coast through our crossbodies and take a hankering to our handbags: we've got something for every shape and size. Keep all of your daily essentials together and organized while you look incredible carrying them to your next destination.

Black Crossbody Bags & Purses

Why did the bag cross your body? To get you to the other side, of style! All joking aside, these practical and versatile black crossbody handbags and purses provide ample opportunity to stow your essentials in classic elegance. Features include burnished plating, a gold-tone finish and a removable, adjustable crossbody strap. Interior space supplies slip pockets and ample area for all identification cards and more to ensure that everything is kept in its right place. Take care of your top layer for blustery days: check out Kohl's coats and jackets for women.

Women's Nine West Crossbody Handbags & Purses

Whether you are looking for something classy or sassy, Nine West has the crossbody handbag or purse to match your daily desire. Nine West crossbody handbags and purses from Kohl's combine classic utilitarian usefulness with eye-catching stylishness, flair and grace. Practical, with poise, panache and polish, the Nine West collection of crossbody handbags and purses flourish with features, such as: hands-free style, gold tone hardware and zip closure to ensure the contents therein are protected. Pair your new bag with some fresh pants from Kohl's.

Women's LC Lauren Conrad Crossbody Handbags & Purses

Reveal your fine finesse and taste with LC Lauren Conrad crossbody handbags and purses from Kohl's. Sophistication and suaveness sparkle at once with vigor and vehemence in the crossbody handbags and purses which provide pep and dynamism for daily travels. Securely fasten these bags to ensure safe passage for all of your essentials. Speaking of necessities, get your feet covered with great styles of Kohl's shoes and footwear for women.

Women's Crossbody Leather Handbags & Purses

Leather lends a liveliness like none other to your wardrobe. Kohl's captures the crossbody leather handbag and purse style with eager effervescence. Enjoy plush comfort with buoyant grace and urban chic. Relish the sleek compartments, zip closures and identification security, all in a smart package...just like you! Pack our leather crossbody handbags and purses full of your daily indispensibles and you'll be off and running with spirit and enthusiasm. Top off your new look and new bag with some incredible styles and varieties at Kohl's Tops for Women, featuring some of the top brands available.

Under $25: Women's Crossbody Handbags & Purses

To maintain such vitality and zest, one must have enough cash to fund the fun: Kohl's cares enough to place competitive prices on many crossbody handbags and purses. Under $25, you'll have plenty left over to relish the good times with pizzazz and sparkle. You'll find great styles with patterns, colors and zeal that no one will ever consider for a second that you spent so little to get so much!