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No matter the time of year - from a rainy May morning to a frosty night in January - women's Cuddl Duds give you something comfortable (and cute) to wear! Whether you're headed out for a busy day or lounging around on a cozy night in, it's always great to be comfortable. Women's Cuddl Duds feature comfy clothing for every situation - tops, bottoms, pajamas, socks, hosiery, and more. One of the best things about Cuddl Duds' clothing is that they're extremely versatile. Stock up on several pieces to mix and match items that create different outfits.

Women's Cuddl Duds Long Underwear

It's important to find clothes that can keep you warm from head to toe; therefore, long underwear is a critical component of winter attire. Cuddl Duds thermals are perfect for wearing underneath your clothes because of their fashionable, lightweight design. Generally speaking, tank tops are a fabulous choice due to their SofTech fabric. In addition, women's tanks pair perfectly under your favorite top or can be worn by itself for versatile styling year-round. And if you prefer to sport long-sleeves, we've got those too. Keep yourself cozy while bringing some new flair to your wardrobe with long-sleeve tops featuring thumbholes for easy layering. You're sure to enjoy this lightweight design that provides warmth without bulk.

It's safe to say that layering can make or break an outfit, but you don't just have to layer your Cuddl Duds ensemble. Layering everyday pieces can add extra style, colors, and patterns to your attire. Layering can also make an outfit ideal for transitioning from work to play, so your outfit becomes even more versatile. For example, layering a women's tee underneath a blazer, and matching the tops to a pair of dress pants can provide a stylish workplace ensemble that will look great when meeting friends out for dinner, too. Layering tank tops are also sure to come into play when creating a multi-level look. These tanks come in various colors, guaranteeing you have the right top to match the rest of your wardrobe.

Women's Cuddl Duds Bottoms

Don't let the cold weather stop you from traveling outdoors. Leggings are a fashion staple piece in any modern wardrobe. But sometimes it's just a little too cold to wear them during the winter. Instead, opt for women's Cuddl Duds leggings paired with your favorite tank and hit the gym or yoga class in breathable comfort. You'll also stay warm in form-fitting lounge pants, bootcut pants, and joggers. So, whether you're walking your dog, playing in the snow with your kids, or outside taking a stroll, Cuddl Duds bottoms will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Women's Cuddl Duds Pajamas & Robes

When you return home from your busy day, Kohl's also has a wide selection of Cuddl Duds sleepwear that's sure to help you rest easy. Step up your bedtime style with women's Cuddl Duds sleepwear sets that provide all the layers you need to stay warm at night. You can also find individual pieces for nighttime wear, like women's Cuddl Duds sleep shirts. Explore women's Cuddl Duds robes perfect for lounging around in everyday comfort. When it comes to women's apparel, Kohl's has just what you need to look and feel your best!

Women's Cuddl Duds Tops

With the right top, you'll have the perfect piece to build a wardrobe that's uniquely yours. Looking for a top with a little more flow? A tunic might be just what you're searching for. With a bit more length than a traditional top, yet shorter than a dress, tunics are super comfortable and provide a modern, yet refined look. You'll also find a wide selection of hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, and turtlenecks to complete your cozy ensemble.

When the weather turns cold, our selection of women's Cuddl Duds features all the style and comfort you need. If you're not sure what size might work best, you can refer to this Cuddl Duds size chart to find your ideal measurements. Find all of your essential women's apparel at Kohl's.