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Women's Denim Jean Jackets

When you want to rock some denim but are looking for an alternative to your usual jean lineup, look no further than trying out a denim jacket. Also known as a jean jacket, this piece has been steadily growing in popularity over the past two decades, becoming a staple in modern women's fashion. Usually light enough to not add too much heat to your outfit, denim jackets are great for all seasons.

While the first thing that comes to your mind is probably a denim jacket in a shade of blue, we also have a wide selection of colors, such as white, grey, and black, that are sure to make you stand out on your next night out with friends! Take a look at Kohl's collection of denim jackets to bring some new style to your wardrobe!

What Do Denim Jackets Go With?

With this fashion piece ramping up in popularity over the years, some people new to the trend may not exactly know what they can wear with it. Luckily, the denim jacket is very versatile and can be worn with many different pieces of clothing, such as jeans, chinos, khakis, and solid-color t-shirts.

While some may consider matching a denim jacket with jeans to be overkill, it's a surprisingly stylish move that, if done right, can bring your look to the next level! You can mix up the all-denim look with a pair of jeans that are a darker shade of blue than the jacket, or with a pair of slim black jeans. You can check out our selection of women's jeans to bring your look full circle! Not interested in rocking a double-denim outfit? Try matching it with a pair of chinos or khakis to bring some class to your ensemble.

Now that you know what bottoms you can match with, you'll need an undershirt to go along with it. For your best bet, you'll want to go with a solid-colored t-shirt. Simple and easy, a denim jacket paired with a solid-colored tee is a great go-to outfit choice when you want an easy-going look. While this is ideal for the casual look, really anything can be worn under a denim jacket as long as the colors match and the material is less thick than the jacket. A stylish exception to the rule can be a grey hoodie under your jacket, perfect to stay fashionable during colder climates!

How Formal are Denim Jackets?

While these jackets will tend to lean more on the casual side of your wardrobe, there are some dressier options available depending on the wash and color of the denim jacket, as well as what you are wearing along with it. Mainly accepted as business-casual attire, dark wash jean jackets tend to be considered more formal, while light wash jackets are better for a laid-back look. To reach business-casual status, lacing up some shoes on the dressier side with a stylish pair of chinos or khakis can bring a distinct look to your next casual Friday at work!

Be sure to shop at Kohl's to keep up to date with all the latest fashion! Whether it's to keep warm, for comfort, or for fashion, our vast options for women's outerwear is guaranteed to have you looking your best!

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