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Womens Suits

Add elements of sophistication and professionalism to your wardrobe with women's suits from Kohl's! The formal women's business suit isn't just for the workplace anymore. Today's styles have gone far beyond the stereotypical fashions of yesteryear. When you shop Kohl's for your professional attire, you'll find the latest styles of skirt suits, pant suits and business dresses from Le Bos, Le Suit, and Maya Brooke. Whether you're looking to impress at the office or make an impact at that all-important client meeting, Kohl's is sure to have the perfect women's suit to dress you up right.

Kohl's has a wide variety of suit options to choose from when it comes to women's apparel, including a wide variety of color choices. From women's black suits to women's blue suits, you know you'll find the right suit for any occasion. Also check out our many size options, like women's plus size suits, which ensure you find the right suit that fits you perfectly.

Sometimes it can seem as though men have it far easier than women when it comes to finding and fitting into the perfect outfit for a professional setting or in the day to day workplace where "dress professional" attire is a requirement. For all intents and purposes, men's professional fashions consist of the traditional suit with its myriad variations of color and accessories. Their suits can be either double breasted or triple breasted with all manner of accessories from cuff links to tie clips to pocket squares. If the occasion is formal, the tie is a given. If the occasion is less formal, then they get rid of the tie and look just as dapper.

So why shouldn't it be that easy for women? The answer is: it should. And now it is, when you shop Kohl's for your women's suits and professional attire. Following some simple steps can help you put together a great-looking ensemble that's both versatile and comfortable.

Business Suits

The best suits for women are the ones that not only have a great look and fit, but that are comfortable as well. And comfort is largely dependent upon the fabric from which your outfit is made. If you live in a warmer climate or you're simply wearing your outfit during the warmer summer months, then go with a suit made of a lighter, more breathable material like linen or cotton. For the colder months, stick to wool.

Business Skirt Suits

The problem that most women have when trying to find a skirt or skirt suit for the professional wardrobe is with how it is supposed to fit. A solid rule of thumb for "business appropriate" skirts is to make sure they're hemmed around the knee, perhaps slightly below or just slightly above, and fit loosely enough that is doesn't conform tightly to the thighs.

Blouses and Shirts

Much like men's suits, what you wear with your women's suit is just as important as the suit itself. Finding the right blouse or shirt to compliment your suit makes a world of difference. So what is the "right" blouse or shirt? It should have both an appropriate look and fit well in order to compliment your professional appearance. It's best to choose a fitted shirt made from either cotton or a quality micro-fiber blend. For blouses made from a thin or sheer material, be sure to wear a tank top underneath.

The best women's suits will conform to your body type without being revealing. And for extra enhancement to the look you're going for, be sure to shop Kohl's for great looking accessories like jewelry or a statement making fashion scarf. No matter what formal look you're going for, whether it's for the workplace or for that special event, Kohl's has the women's suits and accessories to help you make the right impression every time.

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