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Evening Footwear

A Little Something for Nights Out

Have you checked out your collection of shoes lately? Are your well-loved heels starting to look a little too loved? Then it might be time to check out some new evening footwear from Kohl's! Shoes aren't made to last forever, and even if they've been broken in well, you owe it to your feet to rotate out your collection. You also owe it to yourself to look amazing on your next night out on the town.

Not sure what you need for your collection? Look no further than this evening footwear guide.

Footwear Options


Heels are the go-to style for most evening event outfits. Whether you go with that brand new cocktail dress, or a sleeveless blouse, blazer, and skinny jean combo, a new pair of evening heels should give you the elegance and lift you desire. The trick to finding the right heel comes with the angle of the arch and the height of the heel. Those with sensitive feet should go for a more subdued heel, whereas the especially confident can experiment with height and heel types. Heels are classy and simple, making them an easy choice.


When heels just aren't what you need, sandals are a fantastic option. While they can still have heels to them, they're either wider or much shorter than that of a typical high-heel shoe. Plus, sandals can feature some truly unique designs that heels can't. So if you need your shoes to put in some serious work with the rest of your outfit, you'll want to check out Kohl's selection of evening sandals.

Platforms and Wedges

When it comes to sandals and heels, there's a few different varieties to consider. With heels, the basic design features a thinner heel. With sandals they may have a slight lift, but are usually flat. With heels and sandals they share some variety in the form of platforms and wedges. Platform heels and sandals tend to have the heel and toes raised. This gives more height, without putting as much pressure on the arch of your foot. Platform heels and sandals have more support because the heel and toe are connected all the through. More surface area means better balance, but they tend to still feature the heel arch, so make sure you account for your heel preferences and heel tolerances.

Other Footwear

Wedge Boots

Wedge boots have a high utility factor. They're great for most occasions, and come in so many different styles that it's nearly impossible to walk away empty handed. Wearing your wedge boots is a cinch. You'll want to make sure that you find the right height for you, as you can find short or tall wedges. You'll also want to consider boot length. The longer the boot runs up the leg will influence what you decide to wear, tall boots might mean you default to dresses, or long sweaters. Short boots go well with most outfits, and especially with business and business casual attire.

Winter boots

Winter is hardly a slouch and sometimes hiking boots just aren't warm enough to cut it. In times like these you should strongly consider a solid pair of Winter boots. They're usually waterproof, and feature insulation to protect your toes from the cold. Built with ice and snow in mind, you should have a pair to traverse the Winter landscape more easily. Unlike hiking boots, women's winter boots definitely have fashion in mind. Sometimes the materials they're made with can limit this, but on the whole they can be highly functional and cute.

Gym Shoes

Working out safely requires the right footwear. Not all gym shoes are created equal, but thankfully Kohl's offers a good selection of athletic footwear to help you perform the best you can. Whether you're running the track, walking trails, or lifting weights, there's something for every day fitness activities.