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Fleece's Grand Return

Fleece is back in

Remember the bizarre fashion of the 90s? Wholly unrefined, baggy, and filled to the brim with neon. Fleece had a brief hayday in the 90s with the loose cuts and emphasis on strange fabrics. Like all good things, they've caught on in modern fashion again, with a few changes. For a while there fleece jackets were relegated to athleticwear, but not anymore. New construction ideas, such as modeling them after other more popular jackets, and more tapered fits have brought them into the contemporary.

So, why fleece? Well it's the best choice for the Spring and Fall months when the inherent chill is just a bit too much to handle. These jackets are often designed to better trap warmth than say, a fleece hoodie. They're constructed to be dedicated outerwear and can fit with a number of different fashion persuasions.

How to wear fleece

When it comes to wearing fleece, you'll have to keep your overall style vibes in mind. If you're someone who likes to channel the 90s you'll want to find a classic loose fitting jacket. Choosing a strong or neutral color will depend on how you want to color block your outfit. Kohl's does feature some patterned varieties, which means you'll want to ensure you don't mix your patterns. Bold colors and patterns for your fleece jacket are a great choice and can help save an otherwise dull outfit composition.

As always when you're shopping for your fleece outerwear, consider your body shape, and leave room for layering. Given that some styles are a more tapered fit, you may have to size up or down accordingly.

Fleece varietals

Fleece jackets come with a number of different construction styles for many different uses.


Hoodless fleece jackets are the classic style. They fit easily under coats, and are designed to protect your neck from wind. They can also come in fully zip fronts or pull over styles, so be sure to shop to your preference.


Hooded fleece jackets take the best part of a hoodie and adds it to classic construction. This style prioritizes covering your head rather than just your neck. A welcome feature if you're caught in inclement weather.


The most versatile of the fleece jackets are the fleece vests. These are designed to keep your torso nice and toasty, while showing off your top's sleeves. Fleece vests can be paired easily with other outerwear to create your perfect Fall looks.


Fleece jackets in general tend to feature fleece on the outside and inside, but some jackets will feature other materials on the outside with a fleece lining. These jackets can be multi functional, such as water resistant or better at cutting down biting winds.

Coat options

Winter coats

When the weather bites back, you've got to be prepared. Some are inspired by athletic coats designed to help cushion falls and cut wind, others are fashioned after the heaviest coats of old. If you care about fashion at all times, there's something for you. If you care about being warm at all times… well ditto. With Kohl's selection of Winter coats, you just can't go wrong. Going with weather-resistant outerwear means only the very worst Winter has to offer can stop you.


Not all coats are waterproof and that's fine. But it's definitely not fine when it's pouring and you gotta get to work. Sure, an umbrella can do the trick, but sometimes a raincoat is in order. These are constructed with water resistant and waterproof materials that wick water, to keep you dry and reasonably warm during the Fall and Spring months. Find a coat that's best for your wardrobe so you never have to worry about tracking down your umbrella right before you head out.