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Women's Gladiator Sandals

The Original Style

Sandals are the original shoe. When sandals came to ancient Greece, and eventually Rome, they were made from layered leather and often used many straps to fasten the sole to the foot, giving them a very unique look. There were two types of sandals, both seen in fashion today: a shorter sandal (often worn by actors, philosophers, and women), and a boot sandal worn by hunters, warriors, and men with social authority.

Today, this style of sandal is known as "gladiator."" An obvious nod to history, this style has stood the test of time but shifted to a fashion staple exclusively for women. And with that shift has come innovative detailing and a different number of straps depending on the sandal.

Sandal Designs

Kohl's features several different designs to fit with just about any outfit. From simple to intricate, or flat to platform, there's plenty to choose from. Let's talk about a few:

The most common configuration is a slight heel and a neutral color. This design means your sandals are going to be a fairly ubiquitous match to your closet. These feature different strap configurations, some with a completely exposed front, others with straps criss-crossing down to the toes.

For something a little flashier, look for colored straps or intricate detailing with stitching or rhinestones. These won't go with everything in your wardrobe, but should pair well if the colors complement a shorter dress to show off your legs and draw the eye down them. Colored straps are trendy right now, and great if you're wanting to look contemporary.

The shorter sandals aren't always the best for more professional or formal settings. Keeping that in mind, there's another direction you can go: platformed. While the straps will sit in the same places, these styles will give them a shoe-like silhouette. Achieving that will allow them to match with most business casual and professional outfits.

When dressing for a formal, consider wearing a more low-key sandal with fewer straps. This will allow it to harmonize with your outfit and not distract.

Contemporary Stylings

With this sandal being a fairly simple shoe, they should pair well with most style choices. From casual days off, nights on the town, to formal events, there's a sandal for every occasion. Here are some ideas to help you rock your new favorite sandals:

Match a pair of neutral gladiators with a mid length patterned dress for Sunday brunch. Throw in a pair of sunglasses and a sun-hat to complete the look. If you're doing this outfit in the fall, consider a pair of leggings for extra warmth, and trade the hat for a light sweater.

For something more business casual try this: roll the cuffs of your dress slacks above the straps. Pair these pants with a colored button up shirt (tucked in), and a neutral blazer. The gladiator sandals will give you a strong and sophisticated look.

Nights out on the weekends require a different touch. Start by choosing a solid colored dress. Match it with a raised heel sandals, a statement necklace, and bangles on one arm. Your dress should cause the more intricate sandals to stand out, and won't distract from the classy asymmetrical silhouette.

Sometimes a more casual look is necessary, so bust out that shirt dress (t-shirt or collared). Multi-chromatic straps with make your sandals pop. This is perfect for working at the coffee shop, relaxing in the garden, or some light shopping downtown.

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