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How to Choose a New Purse

You're sure to love the style and versatility of Women's Purses from Kohl's! No matter where you're headed, take everything with you in style. Choose from a variety of top brands including Simply Vera Vera Wang, LC Lauren Conrad and more! From satchels and totes to shoulder bags and backpacks, you'll find a range of styles and sizes to complete your look. With such a wide selection of handbags and decorative designs, it can be difficult knowing where to begin your search.

To help, we're here to give you 5 tips for picking the perfect purse for any occasion and outfit.

1. Consider Every Style of Purse

In addition to the fashionable appearance, you'll also want a bag that is comfortable to carry and has the right pockets to carry your items. A women's satchel is a great choice for organization because they're spacious enough to compartmentalize your belongings without losing its shape.

Backpack purses provide the perfect means to stow your belongings in a stylish way. You'll admire the adjustable shoulder straps for added carrying convenience. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match any outfit you wear.

While some women prefer carrying a bag on their wrist or shoulder, others prefer to hold on to a clutch purse or place it under their arm. If you want to avoid the hassle of searching around for items in a large handbag, then smaller clutch bags are an easier way to remain organized. Additionally, you'll love having the option to change from a clutch to a shoulder bag by adding a strap to the loopholes on the purse.

Backpack Purse

A hands-free bag that holds all your essentials, while offering on-trend appeal.

Bucket Purse

A large bag with a deep, vertical interior and short handle.

Crossbody Bag

A bag with a long shoulder strap that is worn across the body.

Hobo Bag

A bag with a scooped top and a long shoulder strap.

Messenger Bag

A utilitarian bag with a flap-over design and a long shoulder strap.


A large handheld bag with short straps.

Shoulder Bag

A small bag witha long strap looped over the shoulder.


A bag with an open-top design and straps or handles.

Wristlet & Clutch

A small purse or wallet with a wrist strap.

2. Match the Color of Your Outfit

Whether your personal style is loud or refined, Kohl's offers gorgeous purses to suit your look. Choose from a variety of colors including black, brown, blue and green to complete your fashion ensemble. In general, try to match a light-colored bag such as silver if your dress has a strong color. And if you are looking to match your shoes to your purse, opt for a subtle handbag to tone down the look of sparkle or embellished shoes.

3. Know Your Comfort and Body Shape

While it's great to style your outfit and dress to impress, it's also important that you remain comfortable and confident. Therefore, the size and dimensions of the purse should complement your body's curves. When searching for a bag that fits your body type, opt for a balanced look between your body shape and the purse.

Generally speaking, a waist-length bag or purse compliments a pear-shaped body as it drives attention to the body's midsection. And for those who are slim and tall, round and oversized purses are a great option as well as short bags such as clutches or hobos. Conversely, women of a shorter height should carry long bags for a taller, trendy look.

4. Pay Attention to the Material of the Purse

The versatile and stylish look of a black, brown, or tan leather handbag is the perfect choice to match a variety of looks. With long-term endurance and divine design, you'll love the classic look of a leather hobo or crossbody purse that takes your style to the next level. A women's canvas handbag, on the other hand, is a much lighter fabric than leather and is easier to carry. Because of its versatility, canvas bags come in a variety of shapes and styles to fit every outfit and occasion.

5. Consider the Occasion

For formal events, clutches and miniature bags offer a sleek and elegant look that goes great with women's dresses and shoes. And if you're headed out for a shopping trip or a day of travel, consider a crossbody bag that's light but can also carry the essentials. In addition to your purse, explore a wide range of quality women's wallets and accessories at Kohl's to elevate your look.

Now that you know how to find the perfect purse, check out our handbag guide for more information on how to measure your purse size and maintain a clean appearance. Once you do find that perfect handbag, you'll have just what you need to remain organized and stylish everywhere you go. Shop for your women's purse and wallet essentials at Kohl's!

How to Measure a Handbag

Drop Down Length: Measure top of the strap to the bag opening

Height: Measure bag opening to bottom

Width: Measure bag from side to side

Depth: Measure across the bottom from side to side