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Hiking Shoes for Women

Looking to trek through the great outdoors? Women's hiking shoes from Kohl’s will help you stay comfortable and moving on the trail - no matter where you’re headed. Choose from hiking footwear for women in classic natural shades or fun, eye-catching colors that express your individuality. Be sure to explore our appealing collection of women’s hiking boots and shoes to be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you!

Why are Hiking Shoes Important?

There’s nothing worse than hitting the trails in uncomfortable shoes. Nature is unpredictable so you'll want a sturdy toe to protect your feet. Hiking shoes are designed for people who need stable and protective trail footwear.

Hiking Footwear Styles You’re Sure to Love

Women’s Hiking Boots

Those who dabble in hiking every once in a while are sure to find that lightweight hiking boots or day hiking boots will fit the bill. These footwear options offer more in the way of flexibility and ease of wear but lack the durability and support one needs for longer hiking trips.

If you’re a hiker who does take part in overnight trips that require you to carry lots of gear in your backpack, shop for ultra-supportive leather boots. These styles will provide the ultimate in support and traction, offering higher ankle reinforcement, waterproofing, and stiff midsoles for all-over durability during any adventure.

Women’s Hiking Sandals

Some of your adventures might take you to places where the temperature is just too hot, and boots would make the walk a bit more uncomfortable. You don’t want to overheat when exploring uncharted territory! But that doesn’t mean hiking sandals are short on the features you need to stay safe when on the trail. Most hiking sandals keep you on the path forward with reinforced rubber fronts that protect your toes, as well as durable traction soles for even more stability.

Women’s Hiking Sneakers

For a nimble alternative to boots, consider hiking sneakers in a low-cut design. You’ll avoid bulky boots and instead have lightweight footwear that lets you run faster and more comfortably. Although you may lose some ankle support, you may benefit more from the supportive insoles. And if you’re planning to stay mostly on established trails and aren’t scrambling or carrying a heavy pack, then this may be the preferred option.

Hiking Shoe Features to Consider

Fashion is not the number one priority, since you'll be treading charted lands, and roads less traveled. Comfort and fit are some of the most important considerations when choosing hiking footwear. Look for a pair of hiking boots that fits snug all over your feet, but be sure they aren’t too tight either. And don’t forget to allow your toes freedom to move.

Also, take into consideration the materials that make up the boots. Some materials are more lightweight than others but offer less in the way of support. Leather offers unmatched support and durability, but isn’t very breathable and requires time to break it in before actual wear on the trails. Alternatively, synthetic materials like polyester and nylon offer lightweight construction and more ventilation. They also cost a bit less than real leather but do have the potential to break down and wear out quicker.

The right pair of hiking shoes will offer you protection from water, help prevent blisters, and traction for the different types of trails that you’ll be walking on. You're also going to need ankle support, for those uneven trails. You'll want superior traction so that you can handle slick surfaces with ease.

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