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Women's Leather Jackets

Nothing evokes a sense of style and fashion quite like women's leather jackets. As a classic addition to your outerwear collection, leather jackets for women are the ultimate outfit-completer. We've got all the latest styles, from timeless black leather coats to chic red leather jackets that will make you stand out from the crowd. So, whether you're looking for a jacket that's thick and durable to keep you warm during the oncoming colder climates or you just want to make a fashion statement, our selection of women's leather jackets are sure to have what you need to get your wardrobe where it needs to be. Shop Kohl's for all of your coat and jacket needs so that you can be ready for any weather that comes your way!

Choosing a Leather Jacket Color

It's no secret that there's just something about a black leather jacket. If you're looking for that tried and true look, you can't go wrong with black or dark brown coats. In addition to black, there are plenty of other colored options for those who want to rock a familiar style with a twist.  Explore navy blue, saddle brown, and even maroon jackets. No matter what color you choose, try to match it to your ensemble. Use color as inspiration to guide your outfit and women's accessories to complete your look. 

Consider the Details on Your Leather Jacket

Are you looking for a jacket that translates to both casual business days and after-hours? Leather jackets are warm, flattering and a perfect addition to any outfit. Consider going with a style that features a button, zipper or buckle detailing for added flair. Pair your jacket with women's jeans and a white tee to really bring out the contrast. If you're not quite ready to fully indulge in the comfort of soft leather, or if you working with a tight budget, faux leather jackets are the perfect alternative. You'll still enjoy the style and details of a leather jacket and stay within your price range.

Women's Leather Jacket Lengths

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Long Leather Jackets

Other Women's Coats & Jackets

Orchestrate the perfect ensemble with our wide selection of women's coats and jackets available in denim, leather, suede, twill and more. Protect yourself from the elements wherever you go with light packable parkas and be more visible on foggy mornings and late nights with reflective jackets. Find comfort for all sizes with our selections of plus size and petite jackets.

Women's Peacoats

This classic style looks great with both formal and casual outfits and is sure to keep you toasty warm even in the chilliest winter weather. And when you shop Kohl's, you'll find an extensive collection of silhouettes and designs that feature variations of the traditional peacoat style.

Women's Anorak Jackets & Coats

Anoraks are hooded outer garments designed to protect against rough winds and cold air. To keep the wearer comfortable, they contain thick insulation so that your body can stay warm even when it's not in motion.

Women's Denim Jackets

When you like to rock denim but want an alternative to your usual jean lineup, look no further than a denim jacket. Also known as a jean jacket, this piece has been steadily growing in popularity over the past two decades, becoming a staple in modern women's fashion. Usually light enough to not add too much heat to your outfit, denim jackets are great for all seasons.

Be sure to shop at Kohl's to keep up to date with all the latest fashion! Whether it's to keep warm, for comfort, or for fashion, our vast options for women's outerwear is guaranteed to have you looking your best!