Women's Lightweight Jackets

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Women's Lightweight Jackets

Add layers to your look and protect yourself from the elements with a women's lightweight jacket. Offering maximum coverage and style with minimal bulk, a lightweight jacket can be worn year-round.

Choosing the right jacket for your outerwear collection shouldn't be a chore, so let's look at the options available to you and give you a better idea about the lightweight coats that are out there!

Women's Lightweight Raincoats

Keeping you dry during an April shower, lightweight rain jackets offer sleek style and all the features you need to endure whatever the weather has in store for you.

With water-repellant fabric, hoods, and other features to keep moisture out, rain jackets are essential for anyone's outerwear collection. Some styles of rain coats are also packable, allowing them to be easily stored and taken with you as you go about your day. That way, when a pop-up rain storm hits, you're well-prepared and will be protected!

Women's Lightweight Puffer Jackets

If you're looking for a jacket with a bit of added insulation, a quilted puffer jacket is a great option. The quilted design lends contemporary style, while the fill inside keeps you warm in chilly conditions.

Puffer jackets can also feature many of the same technologies and functions of a rain jacket, with water-resistant or repellant fabric keeping moisture out, as well as hoods to cover your head and pockets to hold essential items.

Women's Lightweight Winter Jackets

When winter arrives and you need a jacket that provides unmatched warmth, take a look at women's lightweight winter jackets. These outerwear styles provide maximum protection from snow, wind, and other weather, without all the extra material that can get in the way.

A perfect example of this is a longer trench coat, which can cover your body all the way past your knees and down to your ankles. They are water-resistant, can come with a hood, and offer sleek style that you demand. Staying warm and dry in winter doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion!

Other Women's Lightweight Jacket Styles

The total assortment of women's lightweight jackets covers many types of outerwear options. The styles previously mentioned are great for keeping you warm and dry while out and about. Other variations are made to mainly offer style and layering options.

Denim Jackets

Take for example women's denim jackets. These pieces provide timeless appeal, with their familiar denim construction and design. They can also be worn with the front open or closed, allowing for simple layering and easy outfitting.

Active Jackets

Other lightweight jackets are designed with your active lifestyle in mind. With flexible fabric, active jackets allow freedom of movement, making them ideal for running, jogging, golf, and other activities. They still provide warmth and protection from the elements, so you can head outside with confidence.

Warmth Rating


Great for mild weather! Grab a cute anorak for a lunch date or a fleece for your walk. Softshell jackets and rain coats are also part of the lightweight family.


For chillier days, reach for a fashionable and functional midweight jacket. Short puffer jackets and short wool coats, as well as mid-length parkas, are all great choices in the midweight category.


Don't get stuck inside on frigid winter days! Instead, look for a jacket with a longer length to keep you cozy while looking great. Long puffers, parkas and wool coats are great heavyweight picks for when the temperature dips.