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Women's Long Sleeve Dresses

The autumn season consists of chilly days and cool nights. As a formal staple in any woman's wardrobe, long sleeve dresses are the ideal option for various important events. Prepare for your next formal occasion with long sleeve dresses. No matter if you're dressing up for date night or updating your work attire, our wide variety of dresses provide a look you're sure to love and stay on-trend. Find all the formal wear essentials you're looking for at Kohl's!

Long Sleeve Dresses for Anything and Everything

Kohl's carries all of the dress colors that you need to coordinate your look, including white long sleeve dresses. We also have many different styles of dresses for almost every type of occasion. Casual dresses with long sleeves are a great option for going out or for a day at the office. You can also opt for long sleeve dresses with lace to create a more formal appeal. And be sure to find the exact length of dress you're in search of, like short dresses with long sleeves in all sorts of sizes, colors, and styles.

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Styling Tips for Long Sleeve Dresses

No matter which type of dress you choose, here are some basic tips that can help you create a complete look to go along with your style.

  • Look for dresses that incorporate multiple fabric textures within the same dress. This will help create a modern, stylish appearance.
  • Another factor to consider when it comes to fabric is the season. Even with lightweight fabric, long sleeve dresses can become too warm for summertime weather.
  • If you're looking to add a pop of color to your ensemble, find women's footwear that features a vibrant hue. Shoes provide a subtle, yet noticeable color infusion to any dress style.
  • Use different types of bold accessories to really stand out. The boldness of the accessories will play off the simplicity of the long sleeve dress.

Time to Add Jewelry

When it comes to dresses, it's never wrong to accessorize. If you're not used to wearing jewelry, it's okay. Think about what you want to accentuate with your accessories. Are you wearing a dress with a higher cut? Consider adding a silver or gold bracelet. But if your dress is designed to accentuate the neck, consider a diamond or pearl necklace. Pearls may seem to be an “old fashioned” choice, but black dresses allow the stark nature of the pearls to draw the eye, making them captivating rather than distracting.

Accessorizing Long Sleeve Black Dresses

For office-ready business attire, a matching handbag or purse will go a long way. Remember that presentation you have coming up? Imagine having just the right bag to complement your dress. If the colder months have you down, remember that dresses are never off limits! Women's scarves and wraps are always great for keeping your neck and face cozy, and they can also serve as a way to accentuate your favorite jacket or coat. Infinity scarves are trendy and designed for versatility. If you're looking for a more classic and rugged look, grab a fall colored scarf to complement your dress.

Don't Forget the Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. A comfortable and fashionable pair of shoes will take you, and your outfit, to the next level. Going for a slightly rugged look in the workplace? You'll want a pair of women's boots. If you want a casual look, pair your dress with wedge sandals and a flowing sweater. For formal events, find heels or flats that sync with your jewelry. And when you just need to kick back at the coffee shop, opt for a trusty pair of women's fashion sneakers.

Dresses with long sleeves are just what you need to look your best at the office or any formal event. Find all of your shoes and apparel needs right here at Kohl's!